After each simulated season I record the team’s record in addition to where they finished. That lets me show their probabilities broken down by record. Early in the season I group similar records together so there won’t be pagefulls of lines.
If they finish the season with:
    TW: Total wins.
    W-L-T : Their record for the games left in the season (wins, losses, tie whatdoyoucallalottery: lotterys.)
Chance in Playoffs: Sums the odds for the 6 seeds left of the red "playoff cut" line.
Chance will finish regular season at seed: The numbers are rounded percentages, so a 0 means a very small number that rounded to 0. If there is a blank space for a position the team never finished there after any of the millions of simulated seasons, although it still might be mathematically possible. As Count gets smaller there are fewer times to flush out the different possible finishing positions, so the numbers are less accurate.
Count: How many times I saw them play out the season with that record (or close to that record). Notice the times I force them to win or lose all their matches.