After each simulated season I record the team’s record and who they met in the first playoff round. Early in the season I group similar records together so there won’t be pagefulls of lines.
If they finish the season with:
    TP: Total points.
    W L-OT : Their record for the games left in the season (wins, losses in regulation, losses in overtime.)
Win Cup: Chance team will win the Stanley Cup. Because I don’t recompute you’re strength when the playoffs start, if you finish strong you’ll have a higher chance than shown.
Chance will play in first round: The numbers are rounded percentages, so a 0 means a very small number that rounded to 0. If there is a blank space for an opponent we never meet them after any of the millions of simulated seasons, although it still might be mathematically possible. Bye means we get to skip the first round and jump straight to the second.