Chance Will Make Playoffs


Chance will make playoffsHemmaplanChance will finish regular season at seedRelegated
IBK RunstenWJakobsbergs IBF 6-33812-1-03-0027100.0%+0.197.9%+2.08216200001.2+0.19No1.669at Alunda IBFIBK Runsten
Järfälla IBKLRotebro IS IBK 5-6 (ot)3310-0-03-213699.4+0.283.4-4.11766142000002.0-0.19No2.717Järfälla IBK
Rotebro IS IBKWJärfälla IBK 6-5 (ot)308-2-04-111590.5+12.415.9+5.0115581772000003.2+0.420.0%-0.03.600Rotebro IS IBK
Sandvikens AIKLAlunda IBF 4-5 (ot)267-1-05-12842.5-0.01.1-0.801113029216100004.8-0.040.0-0.04.552Sandvikens AIK
Rosersbergs IK268-0-06-111334.4+8.90.9+0.20172626289200005.1+0.220.1+0.05.587Rosersbergs IK
Bele Barkarby ILBjörklinge BK 8-9257-1-06-111830.8-22.10.9-2.201723302610310005.2-0.700.1+0.16.618Bele Barkarby IF IBF
Alunda IBFWSandvikens AIK 5-4 (ot)226-2-08-00-52.0+0.50.000026154121104107.2+0.304.5-3.07.465IBK RunstenAlunda IBF
Grimsta AIKWRasbo IK 10-8206-0-08-02-200.2+0.20.000001418282515718.5+0.6623.5-20.58.367Grimsta AIK
Rasbo IKLGrimsta AIK 8-10184-1-07-22-150.1-0.10.00000282227241349.2-0.6640.5+16.110.397Rasbo IK
Jakobsbergs IBFLIBK Runsten 3-6163-1-07-32-150.0-0.1No000161822271889.5-0.4652.3+13.59.390Jakobsbergs IBF
Åkersberga IBF144-1-011-00-320.0No000013816304311.0-0.1888.7+0.311.291Åkersberga IBF
Björklinge BKWBele Barkarby I 9-8142-3-09-20-300.0No000013615324411.1+0.4490.4-6.312.315Björklinge BK

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Week of 1/26
Bele Barkarby I 8 Björklinge BK 9
Sat100.0*Chance in playoffs100.0*Hemmaplan100.0*Relegated100.0*Average seed
IBK Runsten+0.4
Järfälla IBK+0.3
Rotebro IS IBK+5.2
Sandvikens AIK+8.4
Rosersbergs IK+6.6
Bele Barkarby I-21.3
Alunda IBF+0.6
Grimsta AIK+1.6
Rasbo IK+1.3
Jakobsbergs IBF+1.7
Åkersberga IBF+0.6
Björklinge BK-6.3
Järfälla IBK 5 Rotebro IS IBK 6 (ot)
Sat100.0*Chance in playoffs100.0*Hemmaplan100.0*Relegated100.0*Average seed
IBK Runsten-0.6
Järfälla IBK-4.5
Rotebro IS IBK+6.2
Sandvikens AIK-1.8
Rosersbergs IK-1.8
Bele Barkarby I-2.2
Alunda IBF-0.2
Alunda IBF 5 Sandvikens AIK 4 (ot)
Sat100.0*Chance in playoffs100.0*Hemmaplan100.0*Relegated100.0*Average seed
IBK Runsten+0.2
Järfälla IBK+0.5
Rotebro IS IBK+1.1
Sandvikens AIK-5.5
Rosersbergs IK+2.2
Bele Barkarby I+2.0
Alunda IBF-3.4
Grimsta AIK+0.5
Rasbo IK+0.9
Jakobsbergs IBF+0.9
Åkersberga IBF+0.4
Björklinge BK+0.6
Rosersbergs IK 8 Åkersberga IBF 7
Fri100.0*Chance in playoffs100.0*Hemmaplan100.0*Relegated100.0*Average seed
Rotebro IS IBK-0.9
Sandvikens AIK-1.3
Rosersbergs IK+4.0
Bele Barkarby I-1.6
Alunda IBF-0.4
Grimsta AIK-1.2
Rasbo IK-1.0
Jakobsbergs IBF-1.1
Åkersberga IBF+4.2
Björklinge BK+0.0
Grimsta AIK 10 Rasbo IK 8
Sat100.0*Chance in playoffs100.0*Hemmaplan100.0*Relegated100.0*Average seed
Alunda IBF+0.2
Grimsta AIK-18.1
Rasbo IK-0.3
Jakobsbergs IBF+1.7
Åkersberga IBF+0.4
Björklinge BK+0.5
IBK Runsten 6 Jakobsbergs IBF 3
Sat100.0*Chance in playoffs100.0*Hemmaplan100.0*Relegated100.0*Average seed
IBK Runsten+2.0
Järfälla IBK-0.3
Rotebro IS IBK-0.9
Sandvikens AIK-0.4
Bele Barkarby I-0.3
Alunda IBF-0.8
Grimsta AIK-2.6
Rasbo IK-1.6
Jakobsbergs IBF+6.4
Åkersberga IBF-1.0
Björklinge BK-0.3
Week of 2/7
Alunda IBF vs IBK RunstenIf winner is:HomeHome OTDrawAway OTAway
Wed100.0*Chance in playoffs100.0*Hemmaplan100.0*Relegated100.0*Average seed
IBK Runsten95.197.397.398.699.3
Järfälla IBK83.983.583.583.283.1
Rotebro IS IBK90.190.590.790.790.8
Sandvikens AIK41.742.342.742.743.0
Rosersbergs IK33.634.234.634.634.8
Bele Barkarby I30.130.630.930.931.1
Alunda IBF4.
Grimsta AIK24.123.923.623.623.1
Rasbo IK41.541.240.740.739.9
Jakobsbergs IBF53.353.052.652.651.6
Åkersberga IBF89.189.088.888.888.4
Björklinge BK91.090.890.590.590.0

* A starred outcome could have no effect or just a really small effect. The simulation did not run long enough to know.

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