"...per the brilliant Sports Club Stats"
(thank you Mr. Dater)
TitleChance will finish season at seedLast Place
DeAndre DrummondsWFuck KD 6-32613-5-04036.2%-2.1362325162.2+0.04NoCarr Cares FundDeAndre Drummonds
Team HonetWHide Yo Sidechi 7-22914-3-13229.0+0.629283572.2Noat Young MoneyTeam Honet
Young MoneyWTeam Jiang 7-22814-4-02520.9+0.8212440162.5-0.03NoTeam HonetYoung Money
Flat Earth SociWCarr Cares Fund 8-12110-7-11611.8+5.91220481913.5-0.86NoJohn Wall GOATFlat Earth Society
Fuck KDLDeAndre Drummonds 3-6209-7-282.0-4.5241371904.8+0.54Noat Hide Yo SidechiFuck KD
Cleveland LeBronsLJohn Wall GOAT 4-5189-9-000.0-0.7000108096.0+0.35NoTeam JiangCleveland LeBrons
John Wall GOATWCleveland LeBrons 5-4168-10-00No-0.0098656.9-0.34Noat Flat Earth SociJohn Wall GOAT
Carr Cares FundLFlat Earth Soci 1-8136-11-1-22No5958.0+0.31Noat DeAndre DrummondsCarr Cares Fund for Flint
Team JiangLYoung Money 2-773-14-1-39No1009.0No-0.2at Cleveland LeBronsTeam Jiang
Hide Yo SidechiLTeam Honet 2-721-17-0-60No10010.0Yes+0.2Fuck KDHide Yo Sidechicks

Lottery Big Games

Week of 2/26
Flat Earth Soci vs John Wall GOATIf winner is:HomeTieAway
Mon100.0*Lottery seed
Flat Earth Soci3.23.53.9
Fuck KD5.04.74.4
Cleveland LeBrons5.95.96.1
John Wall GOAT7.17.06.8
Hide Yo Sidechi vs Fuck KDHomeTieAway
Mon100.0*Lottery seed
Flat Earth Soci3.13.33.5
Fuck KD5.34.94.7
Cleveland LeBrons5.75.96.0
Cleveland LeBrons vs Team JiangHomeTieAway
Mon100.0*Lottery seed
Fuck KD4.84.74.7
Cleveland LeBrons5.96.06.3
John Wall GOAT7.07.06.8
Young Money vs Team HonetHomeTieAway
Mon100.0*Lottery seed
Team Honet2.42.22.1
Young Money2.32.62.6
DeAndre Drummonds vs Carr Cares FundHomeTieAway
Mon100.0*Lottery seed
John Wall GOAT6.97.07.2
Carr Cares Fund8.07.97.7