Chance Will Make Playoffs


Chance will make playoffsLGVFA GoldChance will finish regular season at seed
FC PortoWAtletico Madrid 2-0 Celta Vigo Valencia3419-7-315In+0.0100.0%+0.3851411.2+0.1610at Real Sociedad at Sevilla FC at SL BenficaFC Porto
AC MilanWAS Roma 3-2 Internazionale at Lazio45214-3-124100.0%+0.0Yes7622301.3+0.081Fiorentina Zenit at NapoliAC Milan
Atletico MadridWReal Sociedad 4-0 L FC Porto 0-2 at Sevilla FC2919-2-8299.8+0.696.7+3.6137215002.0-0.0615Athletic Bilbao Celta Vigo SL BenficaAtletico Madrid
ArsenalWTottenham Hotspur 3-0 at Southampton W West Bromwich A 6-042413-3-04999.5+3.3Yes603010001.5+0.354Everton Galatasaray SK Swansea CityArsenal
ZenitAS Roma Fiorentina Internazionale36511-3-12999.2+0.2Yes215622102.0-0.202at AC Milan at FC Shakhtar at NapoliZenit
SouthamptonArsenal Liverpool Swansea City40413-1-24398.4-0.3Yes3547171001.9-0.275at Galatasaray SK at Tottenham Hotspur at West Bromwich ASouthampton
FC ShakhtarWFiorentina 5-1 W Napoli 2-1 at Lazio36212-0-61497.7+14.8Yes+0.232273202.7+0.296at AS Roma Zenit at InternazionaleFC Shakhtar
Bayer LeverkusenWMarseille 1-0 at Schalke 04 at VfL Wolfsburg39312-3-22697.3+5.0Yes494092001.7+0.193AS Monaco Borussia Monche TSG HoffenheimBayer Leverkusen
TSG HoffenheimWBorussia Monche 3-0 Schalke 04 at VfL Wolfsburg39312-3-22297.2+5.2Yes4740102001.7+0.207at Bayer Leverkusen AS Monaco Olympique LyonTSG Hoffenheim
EvertonGalatasaray SK Tottenham Hotspur W West Bromwich A 5-140112-4-33091.4+8.3Yes522648002.8+0.1011at Arsenal Swansea City at LiverpoolEverton
SL BenficaTAthletic Bilbao 2-2 Celta Vigo Real Sociedad1945-4-7-583.9+0.751.5-2.6214681141003.0-0.0821at Atletico Madrid FC Porto at ValenciaSL Benfica
Olympique Lyonat AS Monaco at Borussia Monche at Marseille33210-3-51654.5+2.7100.0+0.0211422714503.5-0.0112at Schalke 04 at TSG Hoffenheim at VfL WolfsburgOlympique Lyon
VfL WolfsburgBayer Leverkusen T Marseille 0-0 TSG Hoffenheim3129-4-51229.9-4.099.8+0.2152335251014.1-0.0613at Borussia Monche at Schalke 04 Olympique LyonVfL Wolfsburg
Schalke 04at AS Monaco Bayer Leverkusen at TSG Hoffenheim2086-2-4317.0+0.291.6+0.11412202628904.9+0.0414Marseille Olympique Lyon VfL WolfsburgSchalke 04
Galatasaray SKat Everton Swansea City Tottenham Hotspur3039-3-559.2-6.899.6+0.101860208314.3+0.079at Arsenal Southampton at LiverpoolGalatasaray SK
Valenciaat FC Porto T Sevilla FC 2-2 Celta Vigo1423-5-10-196.9-1.41.6-1.107333021904.9-0.0727at Real Sociedad Athletic Bilbao SL BenficaValencia
MarseilleLBayer Leverkusen 0-1 Olympique Lyon T VfL Wolfsburg 0-02817-7-5174.1-9.195.0-1.800413324285.4-0.478at Borussia Monche AS Monaco at Schalke 04Marseille
Athletic BilbaoWReal Sociedad 3-0 Sevilla FC T SL Benfica 2-2174-5-11-244.0+0.30.5-0.204343421704.9+0.3828Celta Vigo at Atletico Madrid at ValenciaAthletic Bilbao
Celta Vigoat FC Porto at SL Benfica at Valencia751-4-10-333.4+0.30.7+0.00031419302855.8+0.0731at Athletic Bilbao at Atletico Madrid at Sevilla FCCelta Vigo
FiorentinaLFC Shakhtar 1-5 at Internazionale at Zenit2156-3-6-23.1-14.379.2-6.90036826304.3-0.3016at AC Milan at AS Roma at LazioFiorentina
Sevilla FCat Athletic Bilbao Atletico Madrid T Valencia 2-2461-1-12-381.9-0.50.4-0.30029142440116.3-0.0330at Real Sociedad Celta Vigo FC PortoSevilla FC
Swansea Cityat Galatasaray SK at Liverpool at Southampton2447-3-6-11.3-1.489.4+0.30011833231695.6+0.2523at Arsenal at Everton at West Bromwich ASwansea City
Tottenham HotspurLArsenal 0-3 at Everton at Galatasaray SK2427-3-8-70.1-1.073.2-9.4005162629246.5-0.1818Liverpool Southampton West Bromwich ATottenham Hotspur
NapoliWAS Roma 2-0 L FC Shakhtar 1-2 W Lazio 1-02316-5-8-20.0-0.850.4+19.00276484.8+0.2317AC Milan Internazionale ZenitNapoli
LiverpoolSwansea City at Southampton L West Bromwich A 1-21945-4-7-60.0-0.551.0-11.5003101624487.1-0.1524Everton Galatasaray SK at Tottenham HotspurLiverpool
AS MonacoWBorussia Monche 1-0 Olympique Lyon Schalke 042217-1-11-80.0+0.036.6+15.3003158116.8+0.2519at Bayer Leverkusen at Marseille at TSG HoffenheimAS Monaco
West Bromwich ALEverton 1-5 L Arsenal 0-6 W Liverpool 2-12618-2-9-60.0-1.679.8-4.205212828186.3-0.1820at Tottenham Hotspur Southampton Swansea CityWest Bromwich Albion
Internazionaleat AC Milan Fiorentina at Zenit1524-3-11-28Out-0.02.9+0.311086205.9-0.0122FC Shakhtar Lazio at NapoliInternazionale
LazioAC Milan FC Shakhtar L Napoli 0-1420-4-14-30OutNo-0.00252467.4+0.0729at AS Roma at Internazionale FiorentinaLazio
AS RomaLAC Milan 2-3 L Napoli 0-2 at Zenit511-2-16-35OutNo-0.0146547.5-0.1526FC Shakhtar Fiorentina LazioAS Roma
Real SociedadLAthletic Bilbao 0-3 L Atletico Madrid 0-4 at SL Benfica410-4-15-36Out-0.0No00215837.8-0.3832FC Porto Sevilla FC ValenciaReal Sociedad
Borussia MoncheLAS Monaco 0-1 Olympique Lyon L TSG Hoffenheim 0-31213-3-13-27Out0.0-1.401998.0-0.1525at Bayer Leverkusen Marseille VfL WolfsburgBorussia Monchengladbach

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Sunday, 3/1
Schalke 04 vs FC ShakhtarIf winner is:HomeDrawAway
100.0*Chance in playoffs100.0*LGVFA Gold100.0*Average seed
Atletico Madrid96.6*96.896.9
FC Shakhtar96.2*97.699.2
Bayer Leverkusen96.797.597.7
TSG Hoffenheim96.697.497.6
SL Benfica50.9*51.552.0
Olympique Lyon50.955.657.6
VfL Wolfsburg27.730.631.8
Schalke 0424.514.710.7
Swansea City89.1*89.389.6
Tottenham Hotspur72.7*73.373.7
AS Monaco35.9*36.837.4
West Bromwich A79.3*79.880.3

* A starred outcome could have no effect or just a really small effect. The simulation did not run long enough to know.

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