Chance Will Make Playoffs


Chance will make playoffsLGVFA GoldChance will finish regular season at seed
Bayer LeverkusenWMarseille 1-0 at Schalke 04 at VfL Wolfsburg39212-3-22699.7%+1.5Yes633430001.4+0.123.758AS Monaco Borussia Monche TSG HoffenheimBayer Leverkusen
TSG HoffenheimWBorussia Monche 3-0 Schalke 04 at VfL Wolfsburg39212-3-22298.8+2.4Yes365491001.8+0.057.731at Bayer Leverkusen AS Monaco Olympique LyonTSG Hoffenheim
Olympique Lyonat AS Monaco at Borussia Monche at Marseille33110-3-51674.9+6.9100.0%11064186103.2+0.0312.731at Schalke 04 at TSG Hoffenheim at VfL WolfsburgOlympique Lyon
VfL WolfsburgBayer Leverkusen T Marseille 0-0 TSG Hoffenheim3119-4-51216.3-1.1100.0+0.0011542291304.4+0.1013.635at Borussia Monche at Schalke 04 Olympique LyonVfL Wolfsburg
Schalke 04at AS Monaco Bayer Leverkusen at TSG Hoffenheim2076-2-435.8+0.294.5+0.3015162252405.3+0.0714.539Marseille Olympique Lyon VfL WolfsburgSchalke 04
MarseilleLBayer Leverkusen 0-1 Olympique Lyon T VfL Wolfsburg 0-0287-7-5174.6-9.999.8-0.00523422905.0-0.398.703at Borussia Monche AS Monaco at Schalke 04Marseille
AS MonacoWBorussia Monche 1-0 Olympique Lyon Schalke 04227-1-11-80.013.6+5.400049607.0+0.0419.413at Bayer Leverkusen at Marseille at TSG HoffenheimAS Monaco
Borussia MoncheLAS Monaco 0-1 Olympique Lyon L TSG Hoffenheim 0-3123-3-13-27Out0.0-0.0001008.0-0.0225.199at Bayer Leverkusen Marseille VfL WolfsburgBorussia Monchengladbach

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Sunday, 3/1
Schalke 04 vs FC ShakhtarIf winner is:HomeDrawAway
100.0*Chance in playoffs100.0*LGVFA Gold100.0*Average seed
Bayer Leverkusen99.699.799.7
TSG Hoffenheim98.598.999.0
Olympique Lyon72.475.576.6
VfL Wolfsburg15.516.516.8
AS Monaco13.0*13.514.0

* A starred outcome could have no effect or just a really small effect. The simulation did not run long enough to know.