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Chance Will Make Playoffs


Chance will make playoffsPromotedChance will finish regular season at seedRelegated
CFC Red Star5511-0-043InYes1001.0No1CFC Red Star
TopHat-20 Blue459-0-224InYes1002.0No2TopHat-20 Blue
UFA 02 Black377-1-315OutNo1003.0No4UFA 02 Black
SSA Chelsea 02G366-3-29OutNo1004.0No3SSA Chelsea 02G Select Blue
Concorde Fire C326-1-43OutNo1005.0No5Concorde Fire Central White
Georgia Express264-3-40OutNo1006.0No6Georgia Express FC 02
UFA 02 White202-5-4-2OutNo1007.0+0.10No10UFA 02 White
Liberty SoccerWLady Chiefs Blu 3-1204-0-7-8OutNo1008.0+1.06No8Liberty Soccer Club
Georgia Storm V193-2-6-13OutNo1009.0-0.58No7Georgia Storm VR 02G
DSC 02G Revolut182-4-5-8OutNo10010.0-0.58No9DSC 02G Revolution Green
Smyrna Soccer71-1-9-30OutNo10011.0+0.42Yes11Smyrna Soccer
Lady Chiefs BluLLiberty Soccer 1-340-2-9-33OutNo10012.0-0.42Yes12Lady Chiefs Blue 02


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Week of 5/16
Concorde Fire C 3 Smyrna Soccer 1
4:30 PM Sat100.0*Relegated100.0*Average seed
SSA Chelsea 02G-0.3
Concorde Fire C+0.6
Georgia Express-0.3
Liberty SoccerNo
Smyrna SoccerYes
Lady Chiefs Blu+0.1
Liberty Soccer 4 SSA Chelsea 02G 6
11:00 AM Sat100.0*Relegated100.0*Average seed
SSA Chelsea 02G+0.5
Concorde Fire C-0.2
Georgia Express-0.2
UFA 02 White+0.3
Liberty Soccer+4.6
Georgia Storm V+0.3
DSC 02G Revolut+0.3
Smyrna Soccer-4.6
SSA Chelsea 02G 6 Smyrna Soccer 0
3:00 PM Sun100.0*Relegated100.0*Average seed
SSA Chelsea 02G+0.4
Concorde Fire C-0.4
Smyrna Soccer-0.2
Lady Chiefs Blu+0.2
Georgia Express 0 TopHat-20 Blue 3
8:00 AM Sat100.0*Relegated100.0*Average seed
SSA Chelsea 02G+0.2
Concorde Fire C+0.3
Georgia Express-0.5
Week of 5/31
Lady Chiefs Blu 1 Liberty Soccer 3
4:00 PM Sun100.0*Relegated100.0*Average seed
UFA 02 White-0.1
Liberty Soccer+1.3
Georgia Storm V-0.6
DSC 02G Revolut-0.6
Smyrna Soccer+0.4
Lady Chiefs Blu-0.4

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