Chance Will Make Playoffs


Chance will make playoffsPromotedChance will finish regular season at seedRelegated
SSA Savannah UtWGeorgia Storm M 4-2377-1-126In+53.0Yes+53.01001.0+1.11No1.905SSA Savannah Utd 97/98 CL III E
Piedmont Soccer377-1-120InYes1002.0-0.58No2.888Piedmont Soccer Academy - Barrow 97
Augusta Arsenal3016-0-236Out-53.0No-53.010003.0-0.52No3.914Augusta Arsenal 98 Gold
RYSA Revolution306-0-37OutNo01004.0+0.42No4.672RYSA Revolution 19 Blue
Georgia Storm MLSSA Savannah Ut 2-4255-0-423OutNo1005.0-0.38No5.878Georgia Storm Madison U19B
SSA Chelsea 98BTInter Atlanta F 0-01713-1-40OutNo7416106.4-0.04No6.499Hinesville SoccSSA Chelsea 98B Select Blue 2
Inter Atlanta FTSSA Chelsea 98B 0-01222-1-4-5OutNo363347.3-0.04No7.352Inter Atlanta FC - 98 Premier
Hinesville Socc1513-0-5-9OutNo2322557.3+0.03No8.284at SSA Chelsea 98BHinesville Soccer Association - B18
UFA Norcross 98210-1-7-36OutNo9829.0Yes9.076UFA Norcross 98B Gold
Thomson Revolut20-1-8-62OutNo29810.0Yes10.050Thomson Revolution FC - BU18


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Week of 11/7
SSA Savannah Ut 1 SSA Chelsea 98B 0
1:00 PM Sat100.0*Chance in playoffs100.0*Promoted100.0*Relegated100.0*Average seed
SSA Savannah Ut+12.0
Piedmont Soccer-9.0
Augusta Arsenal-3.0
RYSA RevolutionOut
Georgia Storm MOut
SSA Chelsea 98BOut
Inter Atlanta FOut
Hinesville Socc+0.0
Inter Atlanta F 2 Georgia Storm M 4
8:00 PM Sat100.0*Chance in playoffs100.0*Promoted100.0*Relegated100.0*Average seed
SSA Savannah Ut-0.0
RYSA Revolution-0.1
Georgia Storm M+0.2
SSA Chelsea 98B-0.0
Inter Atlanta FOut
UFA Norcross 98-0.9
Week of 11/14
Inter Atlanta F vs UFA Norcross 98If winner is:HomeDrawAway
11:00 AM Sat100.0*Chance in playoffs100.0*Promoted100.0*Relegated100.0*Average seed
SSA Chelsea 98B6.46.36.2
Inter Atlanta F7.17.98.0
Hinesville Socc7.56.96.8

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