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in like seven browser tabs always
-Katie Baker
Chance Will Make Playoffs


Chance will make playoffsPromotedChance will finish regular season at seedRelegated
Sacred Heart ArWGS Elite Clasico 4-0459-0-049InYes1001.0+0.41No1.948Sacred Heart Arsenal U17
GS Elite ClasicoLSacred Heart Ar 0-4408-0-139InYes1002.0-0.41No2.938GS Elite Clasico
Gri Exc Gol255-0-4-4OutNo1003.0No5.410Gri Exc Gol
CC Cavalier233-4-2-2OutNo1004.0No3.447CC Cavalier
YMCA Arsenal Ro224-1-4-7OutNo1005.0No6.352YMCA Arsenal Rome - B16
Toombs County S224-1-4-12OutNo1006.0No4.224Toombs County SA - B17
Triumph 99 Boys162-3-4-4OutNo1007.0No8.401Triumph 99 Boys Gold
Atlanta Fire -153-0-6-4OutNo1008.0No7.402Atlanta Fire - 98/99 Silver
MAYS Buckhead 991-2-6-18OutNo1009.0Yes9.153MAYS Buckhead 99B White
Gri Exc Blu20-1-8-37OutNo10010.0Yes10.055Gri Exc Blu


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Week of 11/21
YMCA Arsenal Ro 6 Atlanta Fire - 3
1:00 PM Sun100.0*Average seed
YMCA Arsenal Ro+1.3
Toombs County S-0.7
Triumph 99 Boys+0.7
Atlanta Fire --1.3
Atlanta Fire - 1 Sacred Heart Ar 4
3:00 PM Sat100.0*Average seed
Sacred Heart Ar+0.0
GS Elite Clasico-0.0
Gri Exc Gol+0.1
CC Cavalier+0.1
YMCA Arsenal Ro+0.0
Toombs County S+0.2
Triumph 99 Boys+0.1
Atlanta Fire --0.4
Week of 11/28
Sacred Heart Ar 4 GS Elite Clasico 0
2:00 PM Sat100.0*Average seed
Sacred Heart Ar+0.4
GS Elite Clasico-0.4

Thank you CT for adding this league.