Chance Will Win Championship


Chance will win titlePromotedChance will finish season at seedRelegated
ATHENS UNITED 04739-1-02891.1%+14.799.3%-0.4918101.1+0.14No1.875ATHENS UNITED 03 BOYS GOLD
Georgia FC 03 ELOconee FC 03 Red 1-24038-0-2158.7-14.989.8-7.0981820002.0-0.24No2.790UFA Nor PreGeorgia FC 03 Elite
Oconee FC 03 RedWGeorgia FC 03 E 2-13927-2-2130.2+0.27.3+4.90753317203.4+0.57No3.749Oconee FC 03 Red
Atlanta Fire -WUFA 03B Gold 5-13527-0-414No2.1+1.722336281024.3+0.63No4.748at UFA 03B RedAtlanta Fire - 2003 Gold
DSC 03B Revolut2745-1-3120.0+0.01.5+0.701152429226100004.8-0.35No5.754Lanier Sharks 03DSC 03B Revolution White
UFA Nor Pre3515-5-26No0.0+0.0016325655.6-0.15No8.658at Georgia FC 03 EUFA Nor Pre
UFA 03B GoldLAtlanta Fire - 1-52814-4-40NoNo33932215007.9-0.89No7.498UFA 03B Gold
UFA 03B Red2244-1-41No0.0+0.000146282017111128.2+0.15No6.524Atlanta Fire -UFA 03B Red
Ambush SC B03 W2424-2-51NoNo1173015181718.9+0.09No10.521Ambush SC B03 White
Chiefs Premier 032224-1-6-12NoNo02932242769.8+0.03No9.282Concorde Fire NChiefs Premier 03
GSA 03 Red2414-2-61NoNo016153937210.1+0.01No11.522GSA 03 Red
Lanier Sharks 031822-4-5-4NoNo001278911.8+0.01No12.404at DSC 03B RevolutLanier Sharks 03
Concorde Fire N1212-1-9-25NoNo10013.0Yes13.122at Chiefs Premier 03Concorde Fire North Black
UFA Nor Red00-0-13-50NoNo10014.0Yes14.051UFA Nor Red


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Week of 10/29
Georgia FC 03 E 1 Oconee FC 03 Red 2
2:00 PM Sat100.0*Chance wins title100.0*Promoted100.0*Average seed
Georgia FC 03 E-14.6
Oconee FC 03 Red+0.2
Atlanta Fire -+0.4
DSC 03B Revolut+0.7
UFA Nor Pre-0.1
Atlanta Fire - 5 UFA 03B Gold 1
12:00 PM Sat100.0*Chance wins title100.0*Promoted100.0*Average seed
Georgia FC 03 E-0.2
Oconee FC 03 Red-0.1
Atlanta Fire -+0.3
DSC 03B Revolut-0.0
UFA 03B Gold-0.8
UFA 03B Red+0.0
Ambush SC B03 W+0.1
Week of 11/5
GSA 03 Red vs ATHENS UNITED 0If winner is:HomeDrawAway
4:00 PM Sun100.0*Chance wins title100.0*Promoted100.0*Average seed
ATHENS UNITED 071.983.095.8
Georgia FC 03 E26.616.54.2
Oconee FC 03 Red1.40.5No
DSC 03B Revolut0.1NoNo
UFA 03B Gold8.37.87.8
UFA 03B Red8.68.28.2
Ambush SC B03 W9.39.08.8
Chiefs Premier 0310.49.89.7
GSA 03 Red8.310.110.4
Lanier Sharks 0311.911.911.8
Georgia FC 03 E vs UFA Nor PreHomeDrawAway
3:45 PM Sat100.0*Chance wins title100.0*Promoted100.0*Average seed
ATHENS UNITED 086.095.998.3
Georgia FC 03 E14.03.61.3
Oconee FC 03 Red0.10.40.5
Atlanta Fire -
DSC 03B Revolut0.42.03.4
UFA Nor PreNoNo0.0
UFA 03B RedNo0.00.0
Atlanta Fire - vs DSC 03B RevolutHomeDrawAway
2:30 PM Sun100.0*Chance wins title100.0*Promoted100.0*Average seed
ATHENS UNITED 099.499.499.2
Georgia FC 03 E88.792.190.0
Oconee FC 03 Red7.17.87.4
Atlanta Fire -
DSC 03B RevolutNoNo0.0
UFA Nor Pre5.55.65.7
DSC 03B Revolut vs Lanier Sharks 03HomeDrawAway
5:00 PM Sat100.0*Chance wins title100.0*Promoted100.0*Average seed
Georgia FC 03 E89.390.890.8
Oconee FC 03 Red7.27.57.6
Atlanta Fire -
DSC 03B Revolut0.0NoNo
UFA Nor Pre5.75.45.3
UFA 03B Gold7.97.97.8
Chiefs Premier 039.89.810.0
GSA 03 Red10.110.210.3
Lanier Sharks 0312.011.811.2
UFA 03B Red vs Atlanta Fire -HomeDrawAway
7:00 PM Sat100.0*Chance wins title100.0*Promoted100.0*Average seed
Georgia FC 03 E91.391.288.8
Oconee FC 03 Red7.77.77.1
Atlanta Fire -
DSC 03B Revolut4.84.84.9
UFA Nor Pre5.55.55.6
UFA 03B Gold8.18.07.8
UFA 03B Red0.1NoNo
Ambush SC B03 W9.18.98.8
Chiefs Premier 0310.09.89.7
GSA 03 Red10.310.210.0
UFA 03B Red vs UFA 03B GoldHomeDrawAway
3:00 PM Sun100.0*Chance wins title100.0*Promoted100.0*Average seed
UFA Nor Pre5.65.55.5
UFA 03B Gold8.77.67.1
UFA 03B Red0.0NoNo
Ambush SC B03 W8.89.09.0
Chiefs Premier
GSA 03 Red10.210.110.0
Chiefs Premier 03 vs Concorde Fire NHomeDrawAway
10:30 AM Sat100.0*Chance wins title100.0*Promoted100.0*Average seed
UFA 03B Gold7.97.87.8
UFA 03B Red8.38.18.1
Ambush SC B03 W9.08.78.6
Chiefs Premier 039.210.611.0
GSA 03 Red10.49.79.6
Lanier Sharks 0311.911.811.7

* A starred outcome could have no effect or just a really small effect. The simulation did not run long enough to know.

Thank you CT for adding this league.