Chance Will Make Playoffs


Chance will make playoffsChance will finish regular season at seed
Kings A1891-0064Out1004.04.940Northumbria Kings A
Sabres1891-0056Out1005.04.937Bradford Sabres
Beagles1154-01-16Out10012.019.259Edinburgh Beagles
Bears B846-00-18Out10016.0-0.2723.238Sheffield Bears B
Mavericks B318-01-44Out10021.0+0.0333.073Nottingham Mavericks B
Metrostars B219-00-42Out10022.0+0.1235.102Manchester Metrostars B

Big Games

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Week of 3/19
Mavericks B 0 Kings A 5
10:30 PM Wed100.0*Average seed
Kings A+0.0
Mavericks B-0.0
Week of 3/23
Week of 3/31
Devils 5 Dragons B 0
Mon100.0*Average seed
Bears B-0.3
Mavericks B+0.0
Metrostars B+0.1
Yetis 5 Dragons B 0
Mon100.0*Average seed
Mavericks B+0.0
Metrostars B+0.0
Spitfires B 5 Dragons B 0
Mon100.0*Average seed
Metrostars B+0.0