Chance Will Make Playoffs


Chance will make playoffsChance will finish regular season at seed
Oxford Blues18291-0054In1001.01.910Oxford Blues
Eagles16282-0081In1002.011.942Edinburgh Eagles
Vikings24120-00115Out1003.03.949Oxford Vikings
Kings A18291-0064Out1004.04.940Northumbria Kings A
Sabres18291-0056Out1005.04.937Bradford Sabres
Yetis1893-0018Out1006.0+0.0612.706UCL Yetis
Bears16282-0055Out1007.0+0.1910.919Sheffield Bears
Spitfires B1684-0031Out1008.0-0.2113.776Southampton Spitfires B
Mavericks15272-0173Out1009.0-0.049.945Nottingham Mavericks
Dragons14262-0261Out10010.08.923London Dragons
Knights1255-020Out10011.018.500Kent Knights
Beagles11254-01-16Out10012.019.259Edinburgh Beagles
Camb Blues11243-0325Out10013.020.743Cambridge Blues
Spitfires11243-034Out10014.017.557Southampton Spitfires
Devils947-01-15Out10015.0+0.2725.322Imperial College Devils
Bears B8246-00-18Out10016.0-0.2723.238Sheffield Bears B
Metrostars6237-00-16Out10017.028.300Manchester Metrostars
Hogs6226-02-82Out10018.031.058Hull Ice Hogs
Panthers5227-01-39Out10019.026.136Warwick and Coventry Panthers
Panthers B529-01-89Out10020.032.057Warwick and Coventry Panthers B
Mavericks B3218-01-44Out10021.0+0.0333.073Nottingham Mavericks B
Metrostars B2219-00-42Out10022.0+0.1235.102Manchester Metrostars B
Redhawks1209-01-105Out10023.0+0.3536.051Cardiff Redhawks
Lions1209-01-111Out10024.0+0.3537.051Birmingham Lions
Dragons B0012-00-60Out10025.0-0.8538.050London Dragons B

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To "make the playoffs" simply means to come 1st in the Division.

If you think you find a bug, please email buiha-stats @ ojford .com

Generated automatically. Last updated at: 2014-04-05 05:21:07
Automated script last revised at 2014/03/21, changes:
* 2nd Div teams no longer have any chance to ‘make the playoffs’. Difficult to know what to do since checking teams don’t play non-checking (I’ll eventually separate them to two leagues), and nationals isn’t really playoffs, since Teams may put out fewer teams. Open to suggestions.

Next update: Separate C/NC leagues, with North/South conference. Making playoffs will then make more sense, for 1st Division teams - winning playoffs will be winning best in C/NC as expected. Not sure what to do for 2nd Div - they can’t have separate playoffs without being yet another league, and there’s only one NC2 division anyway.

Update 2014/03/13:
* Enabled support for ‘big games’ by setting non-final (no score) games to a date of 1st August post-season. Without this, big games only appear sporadically, and only when no games have occurred since BUIHA updated their stats (rare).

* Fixed bug whereby some teams had extra points from pre-season games against other BUIHA teams. I didn’t notice this initially, since it did correctly exclude these ‘Challenge’ games against EIHA etc. teams. Sorry about this, and thanks Rhys for the heads up.

* Implementation of fix for bug above made it better at excluding Varsity games. Which were previously patchy (only noticed the change when I pushed the fix).

Big Games

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Week of 3/19
Mavericks B 0 Kings A 5
10:30 PM Wed100.0*Average seed
Kings A+0.0
Mavericks B-0.0
Week of 3/23
Week of 3/31
Devils 5 Dragons B 0
Mon100.0*Average seed
Bears B-0.3
Mavericks B+0.0
Metrostars B+0.1
Dragons B-0.6
Yetis 5 Dragons B 0
Mon100.0*Average seed
Spitfires B-0.1
Mavericks B+0.0
Metrostars B+0.0
Dragons B-0.1
Spitfires B 5 Dragons B 0
Mon100.0*Average seed
Spitfires B+0.1
Metrostars B+0.0
Dragons B-0.1
Dragons B 0 Vikings 5
Mon100.0*Average seed
Dragons B-0.0