Sports Club Stats, which I have open
in like seven browser tabs always
-Katie Baker

Fantasy Leagues

You can add leagues to Sports Club Stats.

Cost: Free.

How: Email your league structure and schedule to
My computer will run the numbers and add your league to the list on the left.
Resend the email with new results as often as you like.

The FAQ explains how to format the email. There is no signing up, just send the email.

Wednesday’s biggest movers

No games yesterday.

Thursday’s biggest games

Total swing: Adds up the "chance in playoffs" swing (difference between best and worst case outcomes) this game has on all teams. (Or chance of winning the title for non-playoff leagues.)

GameTotal swingLeague
TravsBecky100DELCO FFL 2017
GunnvsIezzi96DELCO FFL 2017
Shit ShovelersvsLos Amigos Kidn82DPSD
MikeMarvsKingsland81DELCO FFL 2017
HazvsMcCarthy79DELCO FFL 2017