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Monday’s biggest movers

TeamChance:ChangeBiggest Reason WhyLeague
Berlin Bombersmake playoffs53.9%+10.2Narwhals 4 - 6 BombersHD II.2
Chandler IceManmake playoffs63.7+10.1IceMan 6 - 2 FlatpacksHD II.2
Holcomb Rebelsmake playoffs63.1+9.8H Rebels 5 - 2 UnitedHD II.2
Alma Wolverinesmake playoffs62.1+8.5Dirty Skates 2 - 4 WolverinesHD II.2
Bratislava Therapistsmake playoffs71.3+7.2Golden Knights 3 - 5 TherapistsHD II.2
Glendale Dynamomake playoffs50.4+6.5Turtles 4 - 5 (ot) DynamoHD II.2
PEI Islandersmake playoffs67.9+6.5Islanders 4 - 3 HussarsHD II.2
Záhorce SharksTier III12.4-0.5Dirty Skates 2 - 4 WolverinesHD II.2
Mainz Ice FloorsTier III12.5-0.4H Rebels 5 - 2 UnitedHD II.2
Cyberspace CubesTier III12.7-0.3Golden Knights 3 - 5 TherapistsHD II.2
IKEA Flatpacksmake playoffs42.2-11.2IceMan 6 - 2 FlatpacksHD II.2
Gretzkies Old Dirty Skatesmake playoffs34.9-10.4Dirty Skates 2 - 4 WolverinesHD II.2
Atlanta Unitedmake playoffs31.9-10.3H Rebels 5 - 2 UnitedHD II.2
Finland Golden Knightsmake playoffs35.9-8.8Golden Knights 3 - 5 TherapistsHD II.2
Niagara Narwhalsmake playoffs45.0-8.6Narwhals 4 - 6 BombersHD II.2
Sherbrooke Hussarsmake playoffs45.7-7.9Islanders 4 - 3 HussarsHD II.2
Turku Turtlesmake playoffs40.0-1.5Turtles 4 - 5 (ot) DynamoHD II.2
Arizona Wildcatsmake playoffs44.7-0.4Turtles 4 - 5 (ot) DynamoHD II.2
Charlotte Ice HolesPres Trophy5.5-0.4Golden Knights 3 - 5 TherapistsHD II.2
Lake Charles CreolesPres Trophy5.3-0.3Golden Knights 3 - 5 TherapistsHD II.2

Tuesday’s biggest games

Total swing: Adds up the "chance in playoffs" swing (difference between best and worst case outcomes) this game has on all teams. (Or chance of winning the title for non-playoff leagues.)

GameTotal swingLeague
VikingsvsKozaks52HD III.9
Prairie StormvsJuice51HD II.1
LionsvsIcicles50HD II.1
Sand LionsvsCreoles49HD II.2
Black FlagvsRasputins28HD I.1
RatsvsRaju28HD II.1
CrusadersvsJuggernauts28HD I.1
StingersvsArmada27HD III.9
PiratesvsValkyrie27HD III.9
MuckaneersvsTwisters27HD III.9