How are these numbers calculated?

Big Games

How we did last week and who we should root for this week.   Explain

Week of 11/21100.0*First Round Bye100.0*Average seed
Young Money 84.78 Punks 91.5 -0.8
Plow City Snow 106.64 Joel's Unreal T 88.02 -0.2
Newton's 0th Loss 100.5 Bua no Bas 70.4 +0.1
GGT 89.3 Think about It 101.98 +0.1
Week of 11/28100.0*First Round Bye100.0*Average seed
Young Money 105.04 GGT 121.64 -1.8
wade h's Team 95.06 Plow City Snow 117.96 -0.4
If winner is:HomeAway
Week of 12/5100.0*First Round Bye100.0*Average seed
Young Money vs Double EntAndresYes-24.5
Think about It vs Plow City SnowYes-1.1
Punks vs GGT+3.3-0.8

What If

Chances based on how well the Young Money finish out the regular season.   Explain

If finish:Chance inFirstChance will finish regular season at seed
TPW-LplayoffsRound Bye123456789101112Count
Games Above .500
Chance Will Make Playoffs