Chance Will Make Playoffs


Chance will make playoffsChance will finish regular season at seed
Clarksville SocWMidsouth FC Blue 22-462-0202387.6%+13.12219161310764210003.5+0.897Clarksville Soccer Club
TSC SelectLLobos Elite 4-23612-010-1084.7+21.71818161411865310003.8+1.725Lobos EliteTSC Select
Knoxville SC FiTUSC Red040-000072.1-2.6221411997655433204.7-0.209Knoxville SC Fiorentina
Lobos EliteWTSC Select 23-4321-0101366.9+3.912121111111098653205.2+0.343at TSC SelectLobos Elite
Bluff City FC321-010165.2+2.011111111111098753205.3+0.214TSC EliteBluff City FC
FC Alliance Redat Knoxville Socce331-000648.6+16.236810111112111086416.6+1.531FC Alliance Red
TSC Elite331-000147.7+15.54689101112121086316.6+1.532at Bluff City FCTSC Elite
FC Dallas TRI P040-000044.9-3.9567899999877517.1-0.269FC Dallas TRI Premier
Knoxville SocceFC Alliance Red040-000044.8-4.0567899999877617.1-0.259Knoxville Soccer Academy
TUSC Redat Knoxville SC Fi040-000012.9-2.900124579111315161349.9-0.239TUSC Red
FC Alliance Red030-010-812.2-19.9001235681113151614410.0-1.816FC Alliance Red II
Midsouth FC BlueLClarksville Soc 4-22020-020-2611.1-37.4001235681013161815410.1-3.378Midsouth FC Blue
FC Academy040-00001.2-1.70001467121722201111.3-0.149FC Academy
Nashville FC MC040-0000Out002227613.7+0.039Nashville FC MCFY Heat

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Week of 2/25
TSC Elite vs TSC SelectIf winner is:HomeDrawAway
Sat100.0*Chance in playoffs100.0*Average seed
Clarksville Soc86.887.888.1
TSC Select67.987.299.5
Knoxville SC Fi71.272.372.7
Lobos Elite65.5*67.068.2
Bluff City FC63.8*65.366.6
FC Alliance Red47.248.949.8
TSC Elite75.543.723.4
FC Dallas TRI P43.745.245.8
Knoxville Socce43.645.145.8
TUSC Red12.0*12.913.6
FC Alliance Red11.5*12.213.0
Midsouth FC Blue10.4*11.111.8
FC Academy0.81.21.7

* A starred outcome could have no effect or just a really small effect. The simulation did not run long enough to know.

Thank you Arrigo for adding this league.