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Games Above .500
Chance Will Make Playoffs


Chance will make playoffsChance will finish regular season at seed
Ball BustersWGirky Town 92.5-81.828-1-0.889291.48In+0.0600400001.8+0.162.802at Bad Little DoggiesBBS
He Hate MeWThy Ginger Kid 126.5-75.487-2-0.778168.46100.0%+0.04006000000002.2-0.051.716at Murphy DumpsHHM
Caddie SackWUnnecessary Muffness 128.76-127.966-3-0.66752.38100.0+15.30820843200002.5+3.7010.629at Black Hole BanditsCAD
WTFantasyWBad Little Doggies 122.7-52.43-6-0.333-1.8699.4+56.432033271341000005.4+3.053.371at Unnecessary MuffnessWTF
Black Hole BanditsLMurphy Dumps 81.3-90.526-3-0.667194.4289.1-10.7060201917151283005.9-2.5211.629Caddie SackBHB
Bad Little DoggiesLWTFantasy 52.4-122.76-3-0.667-34.4684.7-10.20802811131510105005.9-1.407.629Ball BustersBLD
Girky TownLBall Busters 81.82-92.54-5-0.44412.1282.0-10.80121521221210620006.7-0.679.457at Come At Me BroGRK
Yo D Wreck ThisLMighty Joboos 97.92-98.583-6-0.333-87.7275.3-21.1121515161815820007.0-1.304.371at Thy Ginger KidYOD
Unnecessary MuffnessLCaddie Sack 127.96-128.763-6-0.333-51.8235.0-44.900019252618164009.2-2.066.371WTFantasyMUF
Mighty JoboosWYo D Wreck This 98.58-97.924-5-0.444-118.5422.8+22.7001226121935176009.4+1.595.457at Dungeness CrabtreeJOB
Murphy DumpsWBlack Hole Bandits 90.52-81.35-4-0.55637.3811.7+11.600000137112146110010.3+1.4414.543He Hate MeMPH
Thy Ginger KidLHe Hate Me 75.48-126.53-6-0.333-172.820.1-8.20000004175820111.9-1.888.371Yo D Wreck ThisTGK
Dungeness CrabtreeWCome At Me Bro 130.74-59.323-6-0.333-56.520.0000000002173612.8+0.0512.371Mighty JoboosCRB
Come At Me BroLDungeness Crabtree 59.32-130.742-7-0.222-232.50.000000000079313.9-0.1113.284Girky TownBRO

2017 Sweaty Pigskins Fantasy Football League

Big Games

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Week of 11/5
Mighty Joboos 98.58 Yo D Wreck This 97.92
Sun100.0*Chance in playoffs100.0*Average seed
Caddie Sack*+0.6
Bad Little Doggies+1.3
Girky Town+1.8
Yo D Wreck This-37.4
Unnecessary Muffness-6.9
Mighty Joboos+26.8
Murphy Dumps-0.1
Thy Ginger Kid+8.6
Come At Me Bro+0.3
Caddie Sack 128.76 Unnecessary Muffness 127.96
Sun100.0*Chance in playoffs100.0*Average seed
Caddie Sack+14.3
Black Hole Bandits+0.2
Bad Little Doggies+2.2
Girky Town+2.7
Yo D Wreck This+1.9
Unnecessary Muffness-39.2
Thy Ginger Kid+3.0
Bad Little Doggies 52.4 WTFantasy 122.7
Sun100.0*Chance in playoffs100.0*Average seed
Caddie Sack-5.9
Black Hole Bandits-0.3
Bad Little Doggies-8.5
Girky Town-3.8
Yo D Wreck This-2.7
Unnecessary Muffness-8.3
Thy Ginger Kid-1.2
Murphy Dumps 90.52 Black Hole Bandits 81.3
Sun100.0*Chance in playoffs100.0*Average seed
He Hate Me-0.2
Caddie Sack+2.7
Black Hole Bandits-18.1
Bad Little Doggies+0.8
Girky Town-4.9
Yo D Wreck This+0.8
Unnecessary Muffness-6.9
Mighty Joboos-0.5
Murphy Dumps+17.6
Thy Ginger Kid+1.7
Dungeness Crabtree-0.2
Ball Busters 92.5 Girky Town 81.82
Sun100.0*Chance in playoffs100.0*Average seed
Ball BustersIn
He Hate Me-0.5
Caddie Sack+1.2
Bad Little Doggies+0.6
Girky Town-8.5
Yo D Wreck This+0.4
Unnecessary Muffness+1.8
Thy Ginger Kid+1.1
He Hate Me 126.5 Thy Ginger Kid 75.48
Sun100.0*Chance in playoffs100.0*Average seed
Ball Busters-0.5
He Hate MeIn
Caddie Sack+1.5
Bad Little Doggies+0.5
Girky Town+0.9
Yo D Wreck This+0.4
Unnecessary Muffness+1.7
Mighty Joboos+0.2
Murphy Dumps+0.2
Thy Ginger Kid-6.6
Come At Me Bro 59.32 Dungeness Crabtree 130.74
Sun100.0*Chance in playoffs100.0*Average seed
Dungeness Crabtree+0.0
Come At Me BroOut
Week of 11/12
Unnecessary Muffness vs WTFantasyIf winner is:HomeHome OTHome SOTieAway SOAway OTAway
Sun100.0*Chance in playoffs100.0*Average seed
Yo D Wreck This*75.8*76.7*75.468.874.374.475.5
Unnecessary Muffness88.987.583.562.938.238.034.2
Thy Ginger Kid6.8*Out*Out0.0*0.1*0.10.1
Come At Me Bro vs Girky TownHomeHome OTHome SOTieAway SOAway OTAway
Sun100.0*Chance in playoffs100.0*Average seed
Black Hole Bandits95.494.995.289.6*89.2*89.1*89.1*5.9*5.95.9
Girky Town27.538.937.470.982.382.582.3
Yo D Wreck This76.985.783.777.2*75.3*75.275.2*7.07.0
Unnecessary Muffness46.348.*34.934.9*9.29.2
Mighty Joboos30.5*26.6*29.425.1*22.8*22.822.7
Murphy Dumps27.417.117.313.2*11.6*11.511.6
Come At Me Bro13.7*Out*OutOutOutOutOut
Thy Ginger Kid vs Yo D Wreck ThisHomeHome OTHome SOTieAway SOAway OTAway
Sun100.0*Chance in playoffs100.0*Average seed
Girky Town87.7*85.2*87.185.1*81.9*82.082.0
Yo D Wreck This24.031.029.953.175.875.975.8
Unnecessary Muffness46.545.543.942.134.7*34.834.8
Mighty Joboos26.3*27.632.027.5*22.7*22.622.7
Thy Ginger Kid30.114.515.
Murphy Dumps vs He Hate MeHomeHome OTHome SOTieAway SOAway OTAway
Sun100.0*Chance in playoffs100.0*Average seed
Ball Busters1.
He Hate Me98.8*In*In*In*In*InIn
Black Hole Bandits88.3*86.780.187.088.988.989.2
Bad Little Doggies81.877.0*85.483.284.484.484.7
Girky Town68.8*79.6*79.880.281.8*81.882.1
Yo D Wreck This68.364.167.971.974.974.975.4
Unnecessary Muffness20.5*30.425.133.1*34.8*34.835.1
Murphy Dumps53.446.744.325.313.213.211.2
Dungeness Crabtree vs Mighty JoboosHomeHome OTHome SOTieAway SOAway OTAway
Sun100.0*Chance in playoffs100.0*Average seed
Unnecessary Muffness37.1*35.743.138.2*34.9*35.034.9
Mighty Joboos2.*
Dungeness Crabtree13.8*Out*Out0.00.0Out0.0
Black Hole Bandits vs Caddie SackHomeHome OTHome SOTieAway SOAway OTAway
Sun100.0*Chance in playoffs100.0*Average seed
Caddie Sack81.895.094.799.7100.0100.0100.0
Black Hole BanditsInInIn99.191.090.988.8
Girky Town74.8*82.0*80.881.8*81.9*81.9*82.0
Unnecessary Muffness40.0*34.0*30.230.734.334.235.1
Mighty Joboos26.1*23.3*24.220.922.522.522.8
Bad Little Doggies vs Ball BustersHomeHome OTHome SOTieAway SOAway OTAway
Sun100.0*Chance in playoffs100.0*Average seed
Ball Busters2.
He Hate Me1.
Bad Little Doggies99.9In98.998.886.186.184.3
Yo D Wreck This65.4*77.1*75.174.7*75.3*75.3*75.3
Unnecessary Muffness28.5*28.9*30.929.034.534.535.2
Murphy Dumps18.3*9.4**11.511.7

* A starred outcome could have no effect or just a really small effect. The simulation did not run long enough to know.

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