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Chance Will Make Playoffs


Chance will make playoffsChance will finish regular season at seed
Marshawn LynchWDino's bitchezz 107.08-77.366-3.667164.0278.9%+14.7282017139642103.0+0.866Peyton PlaceMarshawn Lynch Mob
Charles in ChargeWHolding the Forte 99.98-72.666-3.667112.6279.3+15.2272217139632103.0+0.882Barbell BoysCharles in Charge
Knowshon? No SeLBarbell Boys 64.02-83.826-3.66734.0279.6-7.5262318139632103.0-0.577Ballin GiantsKnowshon? No Sean.
Holding the ForteLCharles in Charge 72.66-99.985-4.55692.0248.9-15.071215151513117414.7-0.815Dino's bitchezzHolding the Forte
Barbell BoysWKnowshon? No Se 83.82-64.025-4.55624.9848.9+14.471214151513117414.7+0.844at Charles in ChargeBarbell Boys
Ladies and EdelLPeyton Place 103.4-124.424-5.444-131.6420.3-14.02469121517181356.4-0.873at Balance the BooLadies and Edelman
Balance the BooWBallin Giants 99.86-37.24-5.444-60.719.4+7.31369121517171466.5+0.768Ladies and EdelBalance the Books!!!
Dino's bitchezzLMarshawn Lynch 77.36-107.084-5.44426.119.4-14.71369121517161376.5-0.921at Holding the ForteDino's bitchezz
Peyton PlaceWLadies and Edel 124.42-103.43-6.333-69.44.8+1.8011358131929218.0+0.5210at Marshawn LynchPeyton Place
Ballin GiantsLBalance the Boo 37.2-99.862-7.222-192.020.6-2.30011251022599.2-0.679at Knowshon? No SeBallin Giants

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Week of 11/3
Marshawn Lynch 107.08 Dino's bitchezz 77.36
Mon100.0*Chance in playoffs100.0*Average seed
Marshawn Lynch+15.2
Charles in Charge+0.1
Knowshon? No Se+0.1
Holding the Forte+0.1
Barbell Boys-0.1
Balance the Boo-0.2
Dino's bitchezz-15.0
Peyton Place-0.1
Charles in Charge 99.98 Holding the Forte 72.66
Mon100.0*Chance in playoffs100.0*Average seed
Charles in Charge+15.1
Holding the Forte-14.8
Ladies and Edel-0.1
Peyton Place-0.1
Knowshon? No Se 64.02 Barbell Boys 83.82
Mon100.0*Chance in playoffs100.0*Average seed
Marshawn Lynch-1.0
Charles in Charge-1.0
Knowshon? No Se-8.3
Holding the Forte-0.9
Barbell Boys+13.6
Ladies and Edel-0.8
Balance the Boo-0.4
Dino's bitchezz-0.8
Peyton Place-0.2
Ballin Giants-0.1
Peyton Place 124.42 Ladies and Edel 103.4
Mon100.0*Chance in playoffs100.0*Average seed
Marshawn Lynch+1.6
Charles in Charge+1.7
Knowshon? No Se+1.0
Holding the Forte+1.7
Barbell Boys+1.5
Ladies and Edel-13.0
Balance the Boo+0.8
Dino's bitchezz+1.7
Peyton Place+2.5
Ballin Giants+0.3
Balance the Boo 99.86 Ballin Giants 37.2
Mon100.0*Chance in playoffs100.0*Average seed
Marshawn Lynch-0.9
Charles in Charge-0.7
Knowshon? No Se-0.5
Holding the Forte-0.6
Barbell Boys-0.7
Ladies and Edel-0.6
Balance the Boo+7.1
Dino's bitchezz-0.7
Peyton Place-0.1
Ballin Giants-2.4
Week of 11/10
Charles in Charge vs Barbell BoysIf winner is:HomeAway
Mon100.0*Chance in playoffs100.0*Average seed
Marshawn Lynch79.878.0
Charles in Charge92.366.4
Knowshon? No Se80.278.9
Holding the Forte49.848.0
Barbell Boys31.865.9
Ladies and Edel20.619.9
Balance the Boo20.018.9
Dino's bitchezz20.018.8
Peyton Place4.94.7
Holding the Forte vs Dino's bitchezzHomeAway
Mon100.0*Chance in playoffs100.0*Average seed
Marshawn Lynch78.279.6
Charles in Charge78.780.0
Knowshon? No Se79.080.2
Holding the Forte65.931.9
Barbell Boys47.849.9
Ladies and Edel19.720.8
Balance the Boo18.620.3
Dino's bitchezz7.231.6
Peyton Place4.45.1
Ballin Giants0.50.7
Balance the Boo vs Ladies and EdelHomeAway
Mon100.0*Chance in playoffs100.0*Average seed
Marshawn Lynch78.679.2
Charles in Charge79.579.2
Knowshon? No Se79.579.7
Barbell Boys48.849.0
Ladies and Edel8.731.8
Balance the Boo31.07.9
Dino's bitchezz19.619.1
Peyton Place4.94.6
Marshawn Lynch vs Peyton PlaceHomeAway
Mon100.0*Chance in playoffs100.0*Average seed
Marshawn Lynch89.967.9
Charles in Charge78.780.0
Knowshon? No Se78.980.2
Holding the Forte47.650.2
Barbell Boys47.450.3
Ladies and Edel19.521.0
Balance the Boo18.220.6
Dino's bitchezz18.420.4
Peyton Place0.98.7
Ballin Giants9.19.3
Knowshon? No Se vs Ballin GiantsHomeAway
Mon100.0*Chance in playoffs100.0*Average seed
Marshawn Lynch77.880.0
Charles in Charge78.180.6
Knowshon? No Se90.568.6
Holding the Forte47.250.6
Barbell Boys47.150.6
Ladies and Edel18.921.6
Balance the Boo18.020.9
Dino's bitchezz18.220.6
Peyton Place4.25.3
Ballin Giants0.01.2

Thank you Adrian Peterson's Child for adding this league.