Chance Will Win Championship


Chance will win titleChance will finish season at seed
United SC1023-1-01035.1%-1.6352316117421002.6-0.062at South MississipUnited SC
Hattiesburg FC732-1-0619.2-1.11918161512963103.6-0.064Louisiana FireHattiesburg FC
Louisiana Fire732-1-0519.3-0.81918161412964103.6-0.035at Hattiesburg FCLouisiana Fire
Birmingham UnitedWVHSC Steamers 5-0912-3-0710.8+5.311151718161273103.9+1.223at Real Athletic DBirmingham United
Real Athletic D632-0-1310.8-0.411151615141296214.3-0.038Birmingham UnitedReal Athletic Development FC
Germantown Lege621-3-013.9-0.44812141616139625.3-0.041Germantown Legends Black
VHSC SteamersLBirmingham United 0-562-0-4-90.0-1.0002491524251647.1-1.019Tallahassee FCVHSC Steamers
South Mississip130-1-2-60.7-0.1123469131922207.610United SCSouth Mississippi SC
Tallahassee FC030-0-3-110.2-0.0011358121724298.27at VHSC SteamersTallahassee FC
Lobos Premier020-0-4-60.0-0.000012481426448.9+0.026Lobos Premier

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Week of 3/10
United SC 5 Real Athletic D 0
Sat100.0*Chance wins title100.0*Average seed
United SC+16.0
Hattiesburg FC-0.5
Louisiana Fire-0.5
Birmingham United-0.2
Real Athletic D-14.0
Germantown Lege-0.7
VHSC Steamers-0.3
South Mississip+0.1
VHSC Steamers 0 Birmingham United 5
Wed100.0*Chance wins title100.0*Average seed
United SC-1.6
Hattiesburg FC-1.1
Louisiana Fire-0.8
Birmingham United+5.4
Real Athletic D-0.4
Germantown Lege-0.4
VHSC Steamers-1.0
South Mississip-0.1
Week of 3/17
Hattiesburg FC vs United SCIf winner is:HomeDrawAway
Sun100.0*Chance wins title100.0*Average seed
United SC16.231.856.9
Hattiesburg FC36.415.55.2
Louisiana Fire19.721.616.9
Birmingham United10.112.99.6
Real Athletic D12.312.58.0
Germantown Lege4.44.72.7
South Mississip0.70.80.5
Hattiesburg FC vs Louisiana FireHomeDrawAway
Sat100.0*Chance wins title100.0*Average seed
United SC33.938.233.7
Hattiesburg FC34.115.97.2
Louisiana Fire7.416.133.9
Birmingham United9.412.3*10.7
Real Athletic D10.411.910.3
Germantown Lege4.04.53.3
South Mississip0.60.80.6
South Mississip vs United SCHomeDrawAway
Sat100.0*Chance wins title100.0*Average seed
United SC22.630.951.2
Hattiesburg FC22.020.415.4
Louisiana Fire22.220.515.4
Birmingham United12.511.78.2
Real Athletic D13.611.77.2
Germantown Lege5.04.42.4
VHSC Steamers7.37.17.0
South Mississip1.70.20.0
Tallahassee FC0.20.20.1
Lobos Premier9.08.88.8
Tallahassee FC vs United SCHomeDrawAway
Sun100.0*Chance wins title100.0*Average seed
United SC22.830.851.1
Hattiesburg FC22.220.315.3
Louisiana Fire22.320.415.4
Birmingham United12.711.68.1
Real Athletic D13.711.77.2
Germantown Lege5.04.42.4
VHSC Steamers7.37.17.1
South Mississip0.90.70.5
Tallahassee FC0.50.00.0
Lobos Premier9.08.88.8
Real Athletic D vs Birmingham UnitedHomeDrawAway
Sat100.0*Chance wins title100.0*Average seed
United SC34.437.433.9
Hattiesburg FC18.920.818.1
Louisiana Fire18.720.618.8
Birmingham United2.87.321.6
Real Athletic D20.48.43.3
Germantown Lege4.14.33.4
South Mississip0.60.80.6
Louisiana Fire vs South MississipHomeDrawAway
Sun100.0*Chance wins title100.0*Average seed
United SC31.036.638.1
Hattiesburg FC16.820.020.9
Louisiana Fire30.416.111.0
Birmingham United9.211.411.8
Real Athletic D9.411.311.8
Germantown Lege3.04.24.5
VHSC Steamers7.17.17.2
South Mississip0.00.21.7
Tallahassee FC0.10.20.2
Lobos Premier8.88.89.0
Tallahassee FC vs Birmingham UnitedHomeDrawAway
Sun100.0*Chance wins title100.0*Average seed
United SC37.236.232.1
Hattiesburg FC20.620.117.0
Louisiana Fire20.519.917.6
Birmingham United4.47.719.7
Real Athletic D11.511.29.9
Germantown Lege4.44.13.2
VHSC Steamers7.27.17.1
South Mississip0.80.70.5
Tallahassee FC0.50.00.0
Lobos Premier9.08.88.8
Real Athletic D vs VHSC SteamersHomeDrawAway
Sun100.0*Chance wins title100.0*Average seed
United SC32.236.137.2
Hattiesburg FC17.519.820.5
Louisiana Fire17.619.920.5
Birmingham United9.611.111.5
Real Athletic D18.98.25.0
Germantown Lege3.54.04.2
VHSC SteamersNo0.00.1
South Mississip0.50.70.8
Tallahassee FC8.18.18.2
Lobos Premier8.88.88.9
VHSC Steamers vs Tallahassee FCHomeDrawAway
Sat100.0*Chance wins title100.0*Average seed
Louisiana Fire3.73.63.6
Birmingham United10.8*10.810.7
Real Athletic D4.34.24.2
Germantown Lege5.35.25.3
VHSC Steamers0.10.0No
South Mississip7.77.67.6
Tallahassee FC0.00.00.4

* A starred outcome could have no effect or just a really small effect. The simulation did not run long enough to know.

Thank you Arrigo for adding this league.