Games Above .500
Chance Will Make Playoffs


Chance will make playoffsPlayoff byeChance will finish regular season at seed
Wooden CanoesWWin or lose we 91-697-2-0.7788799.9%+1.872.6%+14.7502214841002.0+0.551Peaked at SevenWooden Canoes
Peaked at SevenWShake and Bake 103-616-3-0.66711597.8+6.449.1+16.3222722159420002.8+0.802at Wooden CanoesPeaked at Seven
Now UC Me, NowLJacquizzed In M 110-1346-3-0.66710497.2-0.947.9-15.4212721159521002.9-0.515at Papa's In My HoNow UC Me, Now You Don't
Shake and BakeLPeaked at Seven 61-1035-4-0.5561283.6-6.413.4-15.64101520211495214.6-0.854Dicks For SipsShake and Bake
Jacquizzed In MWNow UC Me, Now 134-1105-4-0.5561781.0+15.411.9+4.42916201914106314.8+0.833at Splooge MonkeysJacquizzed In My Pants
Splooge MonkeysWMiam- Injury Pr 116-914-5-0.4445554.4+18.22.8+1.503610142118141036.3+0.856Jacquizzed In MSplooge Monkeys
Papa's In My HoLDicks For Sips 84-884-5-0.444-11242.9-17.91.9-4.00247121822181346.7-0.839Now UC Me, NowPapa's In My House
Win or lose weLWooden Canoes 69-913-6-0.333-5421.3-15.90.2-1.70013611172322177.8-0.817Miam- Injury PrWin or lose we still booze
Dicks For SipsWPapa's In My Ho 88-843-6-0.333-13918.5+6.70.1+0.10013510152128188.0+0.578at Shake and BakeDicks For Sips
Miam- Injury PrLSplooge Monkeys 91-1162-7-0.222-853.4-7.4No-0.1001261322569.2-0.6110at Win or lose weMiam- Injury Prone

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Week of 11/2
Dicks For Sips 88 Papa's In My Ho 84
Thu100.0*Chance in playoffs100.0*Playoff bye100.0*Average seed
Wooden Canoes+0.2
Peaked at Seven+0.6
Now UC Me, Now+1.1
Shake and Bake+0.5
Jacquizzed In M+1.2
Splooge Monkeys+2.1
Papa's In My Ho-16.7
Win or lose we+1.9
Dicks For Sips+9.0
Miam- Injury Pr+0.9
Miam- Injury Pr 91 Splooge Monkeys 116
Thu100.0*Chance in playoffs100.0*Playoff bye100.0*Average seed
Wooden Canoes-0.2
Peaked at Seven-0.5
Now UC Me, Now-0.3
Shake and Bake-0.5
Jacquizzed In M-1.7
Splooge Monkeys+15.7
Papa's In My Ho-2.0
Win or lose we-1.9
Dicks For Sips-0.6
Miam- Injury Pr-8.2
Win or lose we 69 Wooden Canoes 91
Thu100.0*Chance in playoffs100.0*Playoff bye100.0*Average seed
Wooden Canoes+1.9
Peaked at Seven+1.3
Now UC Me, Now+0.3
Shake and Bake+1.3
Jacquizzed In M+2.7
Splooge Monkeys+2.6
Papa's In My Ho+2.7
Win or lose we-14.9
Dicks For Sips+1.3
Miam- Injury Pr+0.9
Jacquizzed In M 134 Now UC Me, Now 110
Thu100.0*Chance in playoffs100.0*Playoff bye100.0*Average seed
Wooden Canoes-0.3
Peaked at Seven-1.0
Now UC Me, Now-1.9
Shake and Bake-1.0
Jacquizzed In M+13.8
Splooge Monkeys-2.4
Papa's In My Ho-2.2
Win or lose we-2.6
Dicks For Sips-1.2
Miam- Injury Pr-1.1
Shake and Bake 61 Peaked at Seven 103
Thu100.0*Chance in playoffs100.0*Playoff bye100.0*Average seed
Wooden Canoes-0.4
Peaked at Seven+6.4
Now UC Me, Now-0.3
Shake and Bake-7.5
Jacquizzed In M+0.2
Splooge Monkeys+0.2
Papa's In My Ho+0.2
Win or lose we+0.2
Dicks For Sips+0.3
Miam- Injury Pr+0.1
Week of 11/9
Splooge Monkeys vs Jacquizzed In MIf winner is:HomeTieAway
Thu100.0*Chance in playoffs100.0*Playoff bye100.0*Average seed
Wooden Canoes73.974.071.1
Peaked at Seven97.697.797.9
Now UC Me, Now97.197.097.4
Shake and Bake82.7*83.584.5
Jacquizzed In M67.585.694.1
Splooge Monkeys73.352.035.8
Papa's In My Ho40.344.245.3
Win or lose we20.819.322.1
Dicks For Sips17.717.919.2
Miam- Injury Pr3.12.93.8
Papa's In My Ho vs Now UC Me, NowHomeTieAway
Thu100.0*Chance in playoffs100.0*Playoff bye100.0*Average seed
Wooden Canoes99.9100.0100.0
Peaked at Seven97.397.498.3
Now UC Me, Now94.399.6100.0
Shake and Bake81.682.985.7
Jacquizzed In M78.780.083.4
Splooge Monkeys50.452.058.6
Papa's In My Ho59.648.325.6
Win or lose we19.119.823.8
Dicks For Sips16.417.120.7
Miam- Injury Pr2.82.94.1
Shake and Bake vs Dicks For SipsHomeTieAway
Thu100.0*Chance in playoffs100.0*Playoff bye100.0*Average seed
Wooden Canoes70.374.074.7
Peaked at Seven46.649.651.6
Now UC Me, Now97.4*97.397.1
Shake and Bake95.488.571.3
Jacquizzed In M81.581.280.5
Splooge Monkeys54.854.154.0
Papa's In My Ho43.443.942.2
Win or lose we20.620.122.3
Dicks For Sips6.114.131.3
Miam- Injury Pr3.13.03.7
Win or lose we vs Miam- Injury PrHomeTieAway
Thu100.0*Chance in playoffs100.0*Playoff bye100.0*Average seed
Peaked at Seven97.398.298.1
Now UC Me, Now96.997.597.5
Shake and Bake81.885.585.2
Jacquizzed In M79.182.682.8
Splooge Monkeys52.056.456.5
Papa's In My Ho40.844.844.7
Win or lose we35.014.68.4
Dicks For Sips17.119.719.7
Miam- Injury Pr0.10.67.0
Wooden Canoes vs Peaked at SevenHomeTieAway
Thu100.0*Chance in playoffs100.0*Playoff bye100.0*Average seed
Wooden CanoesInIn99.8
Peaked at Seven95.499.4100.0
Now UC Me, Now97.397.297.2
Shake and Bake83.8*83.583.4
Jacquizzed In M81.380.880.8
Splooge Monkeys54.853.954.0
Papa's In My Ho43.2*42.842.6
Win or lose we21.920.920.8
Dicks For Sips18.718.318.2
Miam- Injury Pr3.53.23.3

* A starred outcome could have no effect or just a really small effect. The simulation did not run long enough to know.

Thank you Nayan Patel for adding this league.