Sports Club Stats, which I have open
in like seven browser tabs always
-Katie Baker

How are these numbers calculated?

Big Games

How we did last week and who we should root for this week.   Explain

Week of 11/18100.0*Chance in playoffs100.0*Average seed
Pat Love III 97.36 pure skillz 85.74 +22.2
Nacho Vidal 65.32 Grondin 106.62 +2.3
guywwe's Best T 96.14 Party Bus 95.24 +1.5
Le Chat 57.22 All in Bitcoin 106.28 -1.4
B3rt 129.78 Bills Bills Bills 71.02 +0.7
BrunoB 58.86 kuske 86.7 +0.7
JM04 63.42 Arrow's Team 108.78 +0.4
If winner is:HomeAway
Week of 11/25100.0*Chance in playoffs100.0*Average seed
kuske vs Pat Love III-19.2+19.2
Sly49ers vs All in Bitcoin+1.9-1.9
Nacho Vidal vs B3rt-1.8+1.8
Arrow's Team vs guywwe's Best T-1.8+1.8
BrunoB vs pure skillz-1.3+1.3
JM04 vs Party Bus-0.9+0.9
Rocco vs Le Chat+0.1-0.1

What If

Chances based on how well the Pat Love III finish out the regular season.   Explain

If finish:Chance inChance will finish regular season at seed
Games Above .500
Chance Will Make Playoffs