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-Katie Baker
Games Above .500
Chance Will Make Playoffs


Chance will make playoffsChance will finish regular season at seed
St. Hubert19-0-01.000209In1001.01St. Hubert
Wayside26-2-0.750100In7218721.4-0.045Our Lady of the Wayside
St. Francis7-3-0.70055In9732.02St. Francis
St. James6-4-0.60050In104431142.5-0.083St. James
St. Raymond15-4-0.55624In112337292.8-0.104St. AnneSt. Raymond
St. Thomas14-5-0.444-51In3811603.1-0.068St. Thomas
QRTHoly Family 28-2814-4-1.500-11In61425553.3+0.217Queen of the Rosary
Holy FamilyTQR 28-2812-6-1.278-60In1567184.0+0.066Holy Family
St. Anne30-7-0.000-128In018824.810at St. RaymondSt. Anne
St. Emily1-9-0.100-188In1005.09St. Emily

Big Games

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Week of 11/14
St. Anne 9 QR 21
7:00 PM Thu100.0*Average seed
St. Hubert+0.1
St. Francis+0.1
St. James-0.1
St. Raymond-0.1
St. Thomas+0.1
Holy Family+0.1
St. Anne-0.2
St. Emily-0.1
St. Francis 38 St. Raymond 26
6:00 PM Thu100.0*Average seed
St. Hubert-0.1
St. Francis+0.2
St. James+0.1
St. Raymond-0.2
St. Thomas-0.1
Holy Family-0.1
St. Anne-0.1
St. Emily+0.1
St. Thomas 20 St. Hubert 59
6:00 PM Mon100.0*Average seed
St. Hubert+0.4
St. Thomas-0.4
St. Anne 24 St. Thomas 35
7:00 PM Wed100.0*Average seed
St. Thomas+0.4
St. Anne-0.4
St. Raymond vs WaysideIf winner is:HomeAway
9:00 AM Sat100.0*Average seed
St. James2.62.4
St. Raymond2.43.3
Week of 11/22
Holy Family 18 St. Hubert 46
6:00 PM Tue100.0*Average seed
St. Hubert+0.4
Holy Family-0.4

Thank you Jeff Harris for adding this league.