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Week of 5/10100.0*Campeonato Nacional100.0*Average seed
Abedi Pelé 18 AE Popular 13 No
Jiquiá FAC 39 Serafiano 10 +0.0
FAC Metropolitano 23 Esquina de Baixo 20 (ot)-0.1
Week of 5/17100.0*Campeonato Nacional100.0*Average seed
Floresta Negra 36 Abedi Pelé 15 -0.2
Week of 5/24100.0*Campeonato Nacional100.0*Average seed
Liga Operária 23 Abedi Pelé 18 -0.4
Esquina de Baixo 17 Olimorque 19 +0.3
Chance Will Win Championship