Chance Will Make Playoffs


Chance will make playoffsChance will finish regular season at seed
Loftus Law281124-3159In50502.0+0.783Loftus Law
Butchers Union272135-107In446502.1-0.222Butchers Union C
Detroit Premium252126-1078In681122.2-0.061Detroit Premium
Feeny Flyers241128-0016In12883.8-0.077Feeny Flyers
Fighting Hellfi242127-0068In6225136.0-0.209Fighting Hellfish
Jones Day Hocke211109-01-23In75256.58Jones Day Hockey
Chicago Chiefs241117-0221In2550257.0-0.235Chicago Chiefs
Chicago Stinger20199-11-23In25757.511Chicago Stingers
Gibsons Group T231107-2113In1225628.04Gibsons Group T-Bonin
Cones131613-01-52In901010.213The Cones
Viceroy C23119-1028In802011.46Viceroy C
Ignotz Berserke92414-01-82In10771312.0+0.3714Ignotz Berserkers
Mercy Hospitall19299-103In20305013.610Mercy Hospitallers
Moose2011010-00-20In505014.012The Moose
Screetching Mon02100-000In10016.016Screetching Monkeys

3 person shootout for overtime, if still tied,then it's a tie.

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Week of 2/11
Fighting Hellfi 0 Gibsons Group T 7
Wed100.0*Average seed
Fighting Hellfi-1.1
Gibsons Group T+1.2
Moose 4 Loftus Law 3
Thu100.0*Average seed
Loftus Law-1.0
Gibsons Group T+0.1
Viceroy C-0.1
Mercy Hospitall-0.1
Mercy Hospitall 8 Butchers Union 11
Mon100.0*Average seed
Loftus Law-0.1
Butchers Union+0.9
Viceroy C+0.1
Mercy Hospitall-1.0
Fireballs 3 Jones Day Hocke 7
Fri100.0*Average seed
Feeny Flyers-0.1
Jones Day Hocke+0.7
Chicago Stinger-0.1
Ignotz Berserke+0.1
Ignotz Berserke 3 Feeny Flyers 9
Tue100.0*Average seed
Detroit Premium+0.1
Feeny Flyers+0.5
Jones Day Hocke-0.1
Ignotz Berserke-0.6
Week of 2/16
Mercy Hospitall vs Chicago ChiefsIf winner is:HomeAway
Sat100.0*Average seed
Fighting Hellfi5.56.5
Chicago Chiefs8.06.0
Gibsons Group T7.58.5
Viceroy C11.811.0
Mercy Hospitall12.714.5
Butchers Union vs Loftus LawHomeAway
Sun100.0*Average seed
Loftus Law3.01.0
Butchers Union1.13.0
Detroit Premium2.12.3
Ignotz Berserke vs Detroit PremiumHomeAway
Mon100.0*Average seed
Butchers Union2.02.1
Detroit Premium2.51.9
Feeny Flyers3.54.0
Ignotz Berserke11.612.5

Thank you AJG for adding this league.