Games Above .500
Chance Will Make Playoffs


Chance will make playoffsChance will finish regular season at seed
Queso con quesotoo many to fit?276125-89-2636In1001.0+0.074.568Queso con queso
30yo boomerstoo many to fit?270120-90-3030In1002.0+0.406.55630yo boomers
Mighty Gopherstoo many to fit?262117-95-2822In1003.0-0.377.541Mighty Gophers
Boston Redcoatstoo many to fit?251107-96-3711In+0.21004.0+0.865.521Boston Redcoats
North Kariyatoo many to fit?250110-100-3010In+0.01005.0-0.9510.519North Kariya
Danglesaucetoo many to fit?238102-104-34-2In+78.81006.0+0.783.496Danglesauce
Mungstoo many to fit?23599-104-37-5Out-79.01007.0-0.799.491Mungs
Purple PeopleLMungs 0-1 L Mungs 0-1 L Mungs 0-1 W Mungs 1-0 W Mungs 1-0 W Mungs 1-0 W Mungs 1-0 W Mungs 1-0 W Mungs 1-0 W Mungs 1-0 W Mungs 1-0 T Mungs 0-022999-110-31-11Out-0.11008.0+0.721.479Purple People
Ka$e Moneytoo many to fit?22898-110-32-12Out-0.01009.0-0.742.478Ka$e Money
Alex's Teamtoo many to fit?16168-147-25-79Out10010.08.352Alex's Team

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