Chance Will Make Playoffs


Chance will make playoffsPromotedChance will finish regular season at seedRelegated
Sacred Heart UFWSAF U16B Premie 3-1448-2-028InYes1001.0+0.23No1Sacred Heart UFC Robins U16
SSA Chelsea Sou397-2-117InYes1002.0-0.23No2SSA Chelsea South Georgia 00B Select
Coastal Outre -306-0-44OutNo1003.0No3Coastal Outre - BU16
SAF U16B PremieLSacred Heart UF 1-3204-0-63OutNo1004.0No4SAF U16B Premier Sky Mac
Hinesville Socc91-2-7-15OutNo1005.0Yes5Hinesville Soccer Association - B16
SSA Savannah Un40-2-8-37OutNo1006.0Yes6SSA Savannah United White 99/00


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Week of 10/31
SAF U16B Premie 0 SSA Chelsea Sou 1
1:00 PM Sun100.0*Average seed
Sacred Heart UF-0.2
SSA Chelsea Sou+0.2
Coastal Outre -+0.2
SAF U16B Premie-0.2
Coastal Outre - 3 SSA Savannah Un 1
1:00 PM Sat100.0*Average seed
Coastal Outre -+0.2
SAF U16B Premie-0.2
Hinesville Socc+0.1
SSA Savannah Un-0.1
Week of 11/16
SAF U16B Premie 1 Sacred Heart UF 3
7:00 PM Mon100.0*Average seed
Sacred Heart UF+0.2
SSA Chelsea Sou-0.2

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