Chance Will Make Playoffs


Chance will make playoffsPromotedChance will finish regular season at seedRelegated
Buckhead FC Pre448-2-017InYes9911.0No1Buckhead FC Premier
Geo FC Boy Cla346-2-22064.4%+23.264.4%+23.26430602.4+0.67No3Geo FC Boy Cla
SSA Chelsea 00B2715-1-308.5-9.48.5-9.48243316126104.2-0.18No5SSA Chelsea 00B Select Black 2
Atlanta Fire Un2044-0-2421.7-9.121.7-9.11212217159543214.3-0.100.8%-0.32Atlanta Fire United Silver
GMSA / NGSA2515-0-475.5+0.45.5+0.451723271394104.7+1.39No-3.14GMSA / NGSA
CSA Impact Red2113-3-3-2Out-0.9No-0.9391320201413716.8+0.141.3-0.910CSA Impact Red
Geo FC Boy Pre1723-1-4-1Out-1.1No-1.136111610131514117.6+0.0810.8-0.36Geo FC Boy Pre
SSA Oconee 00B1913-2-4-2Out-0.0No-0.0029121421191498.0+0.188.9-1.79SSA Oconee 00B White
United FA 00 Bl1622-3-3-5Out-3.0No-3.01481313131816158.1-1.1014.7+6.27United FA 00 Black
GSA 00 Black204-0-6-11Out-0.2No-0.2061820192898.7-1.189.2+4.98GSA 00 Black
NASA B18 Select1412-2-5-5OutNo003912215410.1+0.1054.4-4.811NASA B18 Select
Liberty Soccer010-0-9-22OutNo10012.0Yes12Liberty Soccer Club


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Week of 4/17
Buckhead FC Pre 2 SSA Chelsea 00B 2
7:00 PM Thu100.0*Chance in playoffs100.0*Promoted100.0*Relegated100.0*Average seed
Buckhead FC Pre+2.0
Geo FC Boy Cla+0.9
SSA Chelsea 00B-4.7
Atlanta Fire Un+0.3
CSA Impact Red+0.8
Geo FC Boy Pre+0.3
SSA Oconee 00B+0.4
GSA 00 Black-0.0
Liberty Soccer*+0.1

* A starred outcome could have no effect or just a really small effect. The simulation did not run long enough to know.

Thank you CT for adding this league.