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Chance will make playoffsChance will finish regular season at seed
Twice as GoodWPuck Buuud 1215-881147-1-01676100.0%+0.1722151000000001.4+0.291.691Halling in theTwice As Good
Puslinch BulldogsWHappy Gilmore 1278-914126-2-0141699.7+0.92249177311000002.3+0.682.627Doughty LittlePuslinch Bulldogs
Don't Toews Me,LHalling in the 542-1279105-3-0-28296.2-2.541631191275321104.0-0.953.564Shwa MulleteersDon't Toews Me, Bro
Happy GilmoreLPuslinch Bulldogs 914-127884-4-0-8782.4-8.0141317161311975425.9-0.934.500Danny Bonaduce'sHappy Gilmore
Danny Bonaduce'sWJagr Bombs 978-74184-4-08381.4+17.5141216151311975426.0+1.366.500at Happy GilmoreThe Danny Bonaduce's
FracksWShwa Mulleteers 949-68784-4-019279.2+18.50410151514121086436.2+1.355.500at Red Light DistrThe Fracks
Puck BuuudLTwice as Good 881-121563-5-0-98845.9-13.40025791112131314148.5-0.857.436at Jagr BombsPuck Buuud
Shwa MulleteersLFracks 687-94963-5-012143.8-17.50024681012131415158.7-1.1110.436at Don't Toews Me,Shwa Mulleteers
Jagr BombsLDanny Bonaduce's 741-97863-5-0-53143.7-18.50024791012131415158.7-1.189.436Puck BuuudJagr Bombs
Red Light DistrLDoughty Little 594-79563-5-0-101342.9-19.00024681011131415168.7-1.208.436FracksThe Red Light District
Halling in theWDon't Toews Me, 1279-54263-5-031642.5+22.90024681011131415168.7+1.3912.436at Twice as GoodHalling in the Green
Doughty LittleWRed Light Distr 795-59463-5-0-90342.4+19.00024681011131415168.8+1.1411.436at Puslinch BulldogsDoughty Little Secret

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Week of 11/30
Doughty Little 795 Red Light Distr 594
Sun100.0*Chance in playoffs100.0*Average seed
Happy Gilmore+0.1
Danny Bonaduce's+0.2
Puck Buuud+0.3
Shwa Mulleteers+0.4
Jagr Bombs+0.3
Red Light Distr-11.0
Halling in the+0.2
Doughty Little+9.2
Fracks 949 Shwa Mulleteers 687
Sun100.0*Chance in playoffs100.0*Average seed
Shwa Mulleteers-10.1
Danny Bonaduce's 978 Jagr Bombs 741
Sun100.0*Chance in playoffs100.0*Average seed
Danny Bonaduce's+9.8
Jagr Bombs-10.0
Halling in the+0.1
Halling in the 1279 Don't Toews Me, 542
Sun100.0*Chance in playoffs100.0*Average seed
Twice as Good+0.1
Puslinch Bulldogs-0.1
Don't Toews Me,-1.4
Happy Gilmore-0.5
Danny Bonaduce's-1.1
Puck Buuud-1.2
Shwa Mulleteers-1.1
Jagr Bombs-1.1
Red Light Distr-1.1
Halling in the+9.5
Doughty Little-0.8
Puck Buuud 881 Twice as Good 1215
Sun100.0*Chance in playoffs100.0*Average seed
Twice as Good+0.1
Puslinch Bulldogs+0.1
Don't Toews Me,+0.1
Happy Gilmore+0.3
Danny Bonaduce's+0.8
Puck Buuud-5.5
Shwa Mulleteers+0.8
Jagr Bombs+0.8
Red Light Distr+0.8
Halling in the+0.5
Doughty Little+0.6
Happy Gilmore 914 Puslinch Bulldogs 1278
Sun100.0*Chance in playoffs100.0*Average seed
Puslinch Bulldogs+0.7
Happy Gilmore-3.2
Danny Bonaduce's+0.3
Puck Buuud+0.4
Shwa Mulleteers+0.4
Jagr Bombs+0.3
Red Light Distr+0.4
Halling in the+0.3
Doughty Little+0.3
Week of 12/7
Jagr Bombs vs Puck BuuudIf winner is:HomeTieAway
Sun100.0*Chance in playoffs100.0*Average seed
Puck Buuud35.1*45.656.7
Jagr Bombs54.542.032.9
Red Light Distr vs FracksHomeTieAway
Sun100.0*Chance in playoffs100.0*Average seed
Don't Toews Me,96.196.396.2
Happy Gilmore82.1*82.382.6
Danny Bonaduce's81.1*81.481.7
Puck Buuud45.5*45.946.2
Shwa Mulleteers43.443.044.1
Jagr Bombs43.3*43.444.0
Red Light Distr54.644.133.8
Halling in the42.142.142.8
Doughty Little42.0*42.442.7
Don't Toews Me, vs Shwa MulleteersHomeTieAway
Sun100.0*Chance in playoffs100.0*Average seed
Puslinch Bulldogs2.32.32.2
Don't Toews Me,98.0*96.293.1
Happy Gilmore82.9*82.381.5
Danny Bonaduce's81.9*81.680.5
Puck Buuud46.7*46.144.6
Shwa Mulleteers36.443.256.1
Jagr Bombs44.4*43.742.3
Red Light Distr43.7*43.141.6
Halling in the43.3*42.441.2
Doughty Little43.2*42.441.1
Twice as Good vs Halling in theHomeTieAway
Sun100.0*Chance in playoffs100.0*Average seed
Twice as Good100.0100.099.9
Puslinch Bulldogs2.32.32.2
Don't Toews Me,96.3*96.295.8
Happy Gilmore82.882.181.1
Danny Bonaduce's81.9*81.280.1
Puck Buuud46.645.344.0
Shwa Mulleteers44.543.141.8
Jagr Bombs44.343.341.7
Red Light Distr43.6*42.741.0
Halling in the37.645.156.6
Doughty Little43.1*42.240.5
Puslinch Bulldogs vs Doughty LittleHomeTieAway
Sun100.0*Chance in playoffs100.0*Average seed
Twice as Good1.41.31.3
Puslinch Bulldogs99.9*99.899.4
Don't Toews Me,96.3*96.295.8
Happy Gilmore82.9*82.281.3
Danny Bonaduce's81.981.180.2
Puck Buuud46.745.544.1
Shwa Mulleteers44.643.442.1
Jagr Bombs44.543.241.9
Red Light Distr43.742.641.2
Halling in the43.342.040.8
Doughty Little36.445.155.4
Happy Gilmore vs Danny Bonaduce'sHomeTieAway
Sun100.0*Chance in playoffs100.0*Average seed
Happy Gilmore89.082.775.8
Danny Bonaduce's74.681.888.2
Shwa Mulleteers43.9*43.543.8
Doughty Little42.5*42.442.4

* A starred outcome could have no effect or just a really small effect. The simulation did not run long enough to know.

Thank you Josh Duffield for adding this league.