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Chance Will Make Playoffs


Chance will make playoffsChance will finish regular season at seed
Puslinch BulldogsWDoughty Little 740-6562814-6-01310In603631.4+0.222.673FracksPuslinch Bulldogs
Twice as GoodWHalling in the 981-9242814-6-02112In395641.7+0.121.673at Don't Toews Me,Twice As Good
Happy GilmoreWDanny Bonaduce's 869-7722412-8-0955In0765177203.3+0.443.586Puck BuuudHappy Gilmore
Doughty LittleLPuslinch Bulldogs 656-7402211-9-0303In14373016304.6-0.534.543at Danny Bonaduce'sDoughty Little Secret
Shwa MulleteersWDon't Toews Me, 996-7092211-9-01357In+0.111313321404.8+0.916.543at Red Light DistrShwa Mulleteers
Jagr BombsLPuck Buuud 636-7932211-9-0-294In21425431415.6-1.035.543Halling in theJagr Bombs
FracksWRed Light Distr 904-7402010-10-043499.3%+7.901415592017.0+0.497.500at Puslinch BulldogsThe Fracks
Don't Toews Me,LShwa Mulleteers 709-996189-11-0-5189.6-2.600319689107.9-0.528.457Twice as GoodDon't Toews Me, Bro
Puck BuuudWJagr Bombs 793-636168-12-0-16296.2+3.90653281219.5+0.939.414at Happy GilmorePuck Buuud
Red Light DistrLFracks 740-904147-13-0-27683.7-6.94193436810.3-0.5211.370Shwa MulleteersThe Red Light District
Halling in theLTwice as Good 924-981147-13-0-4211.2-2.01173340910.4-0.2210.370at Jagr BombsHalling in the Green
Danny Bonaduce'sLHappy Gilmore 772-869126-14-0-1308Out-0.315128211.8-0.3012.327Doughty LittleThe Danny Bonaduce's

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Week of 3/1
Fracks 904 Red Light Distr 740
Sun100.0*Chance in playoffs100.0*Average seed
Don't Toews Me,+2.3
Puck Buuud-0.7
Red Light Distr-8.4
Halling in the-0.9
Danny Bonaduce's-0.2
Shwa Mulleteers 996 Don't Toews Me, 709
Sun100.0*Chance in playoffs100.0*Average seed
Doughty Little-0.1
Shwa MulleteersIn
Jagr Bombs-0.1
Don't Toews Me,-5.6
Puck Buuud+0.7
Red Light Distr+2.7
Halling in the+1.0
Puck Buuud 793 Jagr Bombs 636
Sun100.0*Chance in playoffs100.0*Average seed
Happy Gilmore+0.2
Doughty Little+0.2
Shwa Mulleteers+0.2
Jagr Bombs-0.8
Don't Toews Me,-1.4
Puck Buuud+3.9
Red Light Distr-0.6
Halling in the-0.2
Danny Bonaduce's-0.2
Halling in the 924 Twice as Good 981
Sun100.0*Chance in playoffs100.0*Average seed
Puslinch Bulldogs-0.1
Twice as Good+0.2
Happy Gilmore-0.0
Don't Toews Me,+0.9
Puck Buuud+0.1
Red Light Distr+0.4
Halling in the-2.2
Danny Bonaduce's 772 Happy Gilmore 869
Sun100.0*Chance in playoffs100.0*Average seed
Happy Gilmore+0.3
Doughty Little-0.1
Shwa Mulleteers-0.1
Jagr Bombs-0.1
Puck Buuud+0.1
Red Light Distr+0.1
Halling in the+0.1
Danny Bonaduce'sOut
Doughty Little 656 Puslinch Bulldogs 740
Sun100.0*Chance in playoffs100.0*Average seed
Puslinch Bulldogs+0.3
Twice as Good-0.1
Happy Gilmore+0.1
Doughty Little-0.5
Shwa Mulleteers+0.1
Jagr Bombs+0.1
Week of 3/8
Happy Gilmore vs Puck BuuudIf winner is:HomeTieAway
Sun100.0*Chance in playoffs100.0*Average seed
Happy Gilmore3.03.33.9
Doughty Little4.74.64.4
Shwa Mulleteers4.94.84.6
Jagr Bombs5.65.55.5
Don't Toews Me,93.685.881.8
Puck Buuud0.810.716.9
Red Light Distr4.22.72.6
Halling in the1.40.90.8
Don't Toews Me, vs Twice as GoodHomeTieAway
Sun100.0*Chance in playoffs100.0*Average seed
Puslinch Bulldogs1.21.41.5
Twice as Good2.01.61.5
Happy Gilmore3.23.33.3
Don't Toews Me,99.594.885.6
Puck Buuud1.65.88.1
Red Light DistrOutOut5.2
Halling in theOutOut1.7
Red Light Distr vs Shwa MulleteersHomeTieAway
Sun100.0*Chance in playoffs100.0*Average seed
Happy Gilmore3.23.23.4
Doughty Little4.34.44.7
Shwa Mulleteers5.55.44.4
Jagr Bombs5.35.35.7
Don't Toews Me,82.793.093.0
Puck Buuud5.96.46.4
Red Light Distr11.2OutOut
Halling in the1.01.31.3
Danny Bonaduce's11.811.811.7
Jagr Bombs vs Halling in theHomeTieAway
Sun100.0*Chance in playoffs100.0*Average seed
Doughty Little4.74.64.4
Shwa Mulleteers4.94.94.5
Jagr Bombs5.25.46.3
Don't Toews Me,90.690.787.6
Puck Buuud9.39.49.7
Red Light Distr3.83.83.4
Halling in theOutOut3.6
Danny Bonaduce's11.711.811.8
Puslinch Bulldogs vs FracksHomeTieAway
Sun100.0*Chance in playoffs100.0*Average seed
Puslinch Bulldogs1.31.61.8
Twice as Good1.81.41.4
Happy Gilmore3.33.33.2
Doughty Little4.54.64.7
Shwa Mulleteers4.74.94.9
Jagr Bombs5.55.55.8
Don't Toews Me,
Puck Buuud6.55.65.6
Danny Bonaduce's vs Doughty LittleHomeTieAway
Sun100.0*Chance in playoffs100.0*Average seed
Happy Gilmore3.23.23.4
Doughty Little5.44.94.3
Shwa Mulleteers4.54.84.9
Jagr Bombs5.35.45.7
Puck Buuud9.69.59.5
Red Light Distr10.410.310.2
Halling in the10.610.410.3
Danny Bonaduce's11.311.711.9

Thank you Josh Duffield for adding this league.