Games Above .500
Chance Will Make Playoffs


Chance will make playoffsChance will finish regular season at seed
Norwegian ElkhoWWrecking Balls 150.92-145.385-01.000125.4299.7%+1.4781630210000001.4+0.661.769at Crafty CorgisNorwegian Elkhounds
Kelce GrammarWTruffle Shuffle 140.2-60.584-1.800125.5294.8+12.21649140963110002.8+0.954.662Shoulda BEN LynchKelce Grammar
Team GrumpyWShoulda BEN Lynch 118.88-97.583-2.600-18.2264.8+29.0211502422151063105.8+1.288.554A pack of pigsTeam Grumpy
Wrecking BallsLNorwegian Elkho 145.38-150.923-2.60022.9664.4-16.211004021141074106.2-1.112.554at Chickens of theWrecking Balls
A pack of pigsWTeam Conundrum 138.78-131.923-2.60044.2463.6+28.3110341611131174105.2+1.873.554at Team GrumpyA pack of pigs
Shoulda BEN LynchLTeam Grumpy 97.58-118.883-2.60050.2858.4-22.719301611141394105.5-1.637.554at Kelce GrammarShoulda BEN Lynch
Crafty CorgisWJulio Gonna Call 146.52-81.91-4.2007.3233.8+26.800133000131024288.7+2.2612.338Norwegian ElkhoCrafty Corgis
Julio Gonna CallLCrafty Corgis 81.9-146.521-4.200-126.233.3-16.70013200013923298.7-1.6111.338Winner Has ArriJulio Gonna Call
Winner Has ArriLChickens of the 97.82-141.161-4.200-112.733.1-11.00013200013924298.8-1.2310.338at Julio Gonna CallWinner Has Arrived
Team ConundrumLA pack of pigs 131.92-138.782-3.40058.224.5-17.001904914181915637.8-1.045.446at Truffle ShuffleTeam Conundrum
Truffle ShuffleLKelce Grammar 60.58-140.22-3.400-175.5616.9-22.7011041014182118848.4-1.566.446Team ConundrumTruffle Shuffle
Chickens of theWWinner Has Arri 141.16-97.822-3.400-1.2612.6+8.6000048111520241158.8+1.159.446Wrecking BallsChickens of the Sea

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Week of 10/6
Team Grumpy 118.88 Shoulda BEN Lynch 97.58
Thu100.0*Chance in playoffs100.0*Average seed
Norwegian Elkho-0.1
Kelce Grammar-1.3
Team Grumpy+14.9
Wrecking Balls-0.8
A pack of pigs+0.3
Shoulda BEN Lynch-11.1
Team Conundrum+0.1
Truffle Shuffle-1.6
Chickens of the-0.3
Crafty Corgis 146.52 Julio Gonna Call 81.9
Thu100.0*Chance in playoffs100.0*Average seed
Team Grumpy+0.1
A pack of pigs+0.1
Crafty Corgis+6.6
Julio Gonna Call-14.2
Winner Has Arri+7.1
Team Conundrum+0.1
A pack of pigs 138.78 Team Conundrum 131.92
Thu100.0*Chance in playoffs100.0*Average seed
Kelce Grammar+0.1
Team Grumpy+0.3
Wrecking Balls+0.1
A pack of pigs+13.2
Team Conundrum-14.0
Truffle Shuffle+0.2
Chickens of the 141.16 Winner Has Arri 97.82
Thu100.0*Chance in playoffs100.0*Average seed
Kelce Grammar-0.2
Team Grumpy-0.3
Wrecking Balls-0.3
A pack of pigs-0.2
Shoulda BEN Lynch-0.1
Crafty Corgis+1.6
Julio Gonna Call+7.5
Winner Has Arri-9.7
Team Conundrum-0.3
Truffle Shuffle-0.3
Chickens of the+2.3
Kelce Grammar 140.2 Truffle Shuffle 60.58
Thu100.0*Chance in playoffs100.0*Average seed
Norwegian Elkho+0.1
Kelce Grammar+7.5
Team Grumpy+0.5
Wrecking Balls+0.6
A pack of pigs+0.6
Shoulda BEN Lynch+0.4
Team Conundrum+0.7
Truffle Shuffle-10.5
Chickens of the+0.1
Norwegian Elkho 150.92 Wrecking Balls 145.38
Thu100.0*Chance in playoffs100.0*Average seed
Norwegian Elkho+1.1
Kelce Grammar+0.4
Team Grumpy+0.8
Wrecking Balls-5.7
A pack of pigs+0.8
Shoulda BEN Lynch+0.5
Winner Has Arri+0.1
Team Conundrum+0.9
Truffle Shuffle+0.8
Chickens of the+0.2
Week of 10/13
Team Grumpy vs A pack of pigsIf winner is:HomeAway
Thu100.0*Chance in playoffs100.0*Average seed
Kelce Grammar94.795.0
Team Grumpy78.551.1
Wrecking Balls64.064.7
A pack of pigs50.576.7
Shoulda BEN Lynch59.557.3
Team Conundrum24.824.1
Truffle Shuffle15.917.9
Chickens of the12.113.1
Julio Gonna Call vs Winner Has ArriHomeAway
Thu100.0*Chance in playoffs100.0*Average seed
Julio Gonna Call48.318.3
Winner Has Arri18.248.1
Chickens of the vs Wrecking BallsHomeAway
Thu100.0*Chance in playoffs100.0*Average seed
Norwegian Elkho1.31.4
Kelce Grammar95.094.7
Team Grumpy65.764.2
Wrecking Balls48.974.4
A pack of pigs64.762.9
Shoulda BEN Lynch59.657.7
Team Conundrum25.623.7
Truffle Shuffle18.016.2
Chickens of the22.36.2
Kelce Grammar vs Shoulda BEN LynchHomeAway
Thu100.0*Chance in playoffs100.0*Average seed
Norwegian Elkho1.41.3
Kelce Grammar97.890.1
Team Grumpy65.863.2
Wrecking Balls65.462.8
A pack of pigs65.660.5
Shoulda BEN Lynch49.272.9
Team Conundrum25.922.2
Truffle Shuffle17.316.3
Chickens of the12.912.0
Truffle Shuffle vs Team ConundrumHomeAway
Thu100.0*Chance in playoffs100.0*Average seed
Kelce Grammar94.695.0
Team Grumpy64.665.0
Wrecking Balls64.564.3
A pack of pigs64.762.5
Shoulda BEN Lynch59.557.3
Team Conundrum13.835.2
Truffle Shuffle25.68.1
Crafty Corgis vs Norwegian ElkhoHomeAway
Thu100.0*Chance in playoffs100.0*Average seed
Norwegian Elkho99.099.9
Kelce Grammar2.72.8
Wrecking Balls6.16.2
Crafty Corgis51.631.1
Julio Gonna Call24.634.7
Winner Has Arri24.434.5
Chickens of the8.98.8

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