How are these numbers calculated?

Big Games

How we did last week and who we should root for this week.   Explain

Week of 2/17100.0*Average seed
VaFangul 6 Pace 5 -0.5
Megano 6 JustJoe 5 +0.1
Shteekers 3 Shoot Inside 8 -0.1
FatFucks 5.5 Red's Rippers 5.5 +0.0
Week of 2/24100.0*Average seed
Pace 6 Drunks 5 +0.4
FatFucks 4.5 Boom 6.5 +0.2
Shoot Inside 5 JustJoe 6 +0.0
If winner is:HomeTieAway
Week of 3/2100.0*Average seed
JustJoe vs Pace-0.6+0.4+0.4

What If

Chances based on how well the Pace finish out the regular season.   Explain

If finish:Chance inChance will finish regular season at seed

* Row combines multiple less frequent records.

Games Above .500
Chance Will Make Playoffs