How are these numbers calculated?


We are out of the playoffs. Here are the big games and what ifs for draft seeds.
Although it might be more fun to go down swinging.

Big Games

Week of 9/19100.0*Lottery seed
Austin 4 Kansas City II 0 +0.9
Saint Louis 3 Kansas City II 2 +0.7
Hartford 0 Philadelphia II 3 +0.2
Col Springs 2 New Mexico 1 +0.1
North Carolina 0 Charlotte 1 -0.1
Charleston 2 Miami 0 -0.1
El Paso 1 Salt Lake II 0 -0.1
Louisville 4 Memphis 1 -0.1
San Antonio 2 OKC 0 -0.0
If winner is:HomeDrawAway
Philadelphia II vs Hartford+0.3-0.0-0.1
Charlotte vs Miami-0.1+0.0+0.4
Portland II vs Tacoma-0.1-0.1+0.2
Memphis vs North Carolina+0.1-0.0-0.1
Atlanta II vs New York II+0.0-0.1+0.0
If winner is:HomeDrawAway
Week of 9/26100.0*Lottery seed
Indy vs Kansas City II+0.7-0.3-2.2
Salt Lake II vs New Mexico+0.3-0.0-0.1
Col Springs vs El Paso+0.4+0.0-0.1
Philadelphia II vs Hartford+0.3-0.0-0.1
Charlotte vs Memphis-0.1+0.1+0.4
Miami vs Tampa Bay+0.3+0.0-0.1
Miami vs Charleston+0.3+0.0-0.1
Tacoma vs Sacramento+0.3-0.0-0.1
Tulsa vs OKC-0.1-0.0+0.3
OKC vs Austin+0.2-0.1-0.1
Col Springs vs Salt Lake II+0.1-0.2+0.1
Reno vs Las Vegas-0.0+0.0+0.3
Tacoma vs Portland II+0.1-0.2-0.2
New York II vs Philadelphia II-0.1-0.1+0.2
Las Vegas vs Los Angeles II+0.2-0.0-0.1
North Carolina vs Charlotte+0.1+0.0-0.1
Loudoun vs New York II-0.1-0.0+0.1
Birmingham vs North Carolina-0.0+0.0+0.1

What If

If finish:Chance will finish season at seed
Chance Will Make Playoffs