National Hockey League Playoff Chances 50/50

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Chance will make playoffsWin CupPres TrophyDivision seedConference seed (wildcard race)
BostonLNew Jersey 2-31175419-984In6.2%-0.0Yes1004Boston Bruins
AnaheimWColorado 3-2 (ot)1165420-857In6.3+0.0No1001Anaheim Ducks
ColoradoLAnaheim 2-3 (ot)1125222-830In6.3+0.0No1003Colorado Avalanche
PittsburghLOttawa 2-3 (so)1095124-742In6.2-0.0No1006Pittsburgh Penguins
St. LouisLDetroit 0-31115223-757In6.3+0.0No1002St. Louis Blues
Tampa BayWWashington 1-0 (so)1014627-925In6.2-0.0No10011Tampa Bay Lightning
San Jose1115122-949In6.2-0.0No1005San Jose Sharks
NY Rangers964531-625In6.3+0.0No10012New York Rangers
Chicago1074621-1547In6.3+0.0No1007Chicago Blackhawks
Montreal1004628-811In6.3+0.0No1009Montreal Canadiens
Los Angeles1004628-832In6.2-0.0No1008Los Angeles Kings
PhiladelphiaLCarolina 5-6 (so)944230-101In6.3No10015Philadelphia Flyers
MinnesotaLNashville 3-7984327-121In6.2-0.0No10010Minnesota Wild
Columbus934332-715In6.3+0.0No10013Columbus Blue Jackets
DetroitWSt. Louis 3-0933928-15-8In6.2-0.0No10022Detroit Red Wings
DallasLPhoenix 1-2914031-117In6.3+0.0No10014Dallas Stars
WashingtonLTampa Bay 0-1 (so)903830-14-5OutNoNo10018Washington Capitals
PhoenixWDallas 2-1893730-15-15OutNoNo10019Phoenix Coyotes
NashvilleWMinnesota 7-3883832-12-26OutNoNo10016Nashville Predators
New JerseyWBoston 3-2883529-18-11OutNoNo10026New Jersey Devils
OttawaWPittsburgh 3-2 (so)883731-14-29OutNoNo10023Ottawa Senators
Winnipeg843735-10-10OutNoNo10017Winnipeg Jets
Toronto843836-8-25OutNoNo10021Toronto Maple Leafs
VancouverWCalgary 5-1833635-11-27OutNoNo10020Vancouver Canucks
CarolinaWPhiladelphia 6-5 (so)833635-11-23OutNoNo10024Carolina Hurricanes
CalgaryLVancouver 1-5773540-7-32OutNoNo10025Calgary Flames
NY IslandersWBuffalo 4-3 (so)793437-11-42OutNoNo10027New York Islanders
Edmonton672944-9-67OutNoNo10028Edmonton Oilers
Florida662945-8-72OutNoNo10029Florida Panthers
BuffaloLNY Islanders 3-4 (so)522151-10-91OutNoNo10030Buffalo Sabres

Data is queried every 2.5 minutes,
Complete data dump is done every day at 3 am ET to fix mistakes or games that have been added.
Let me know how things are, if data is wrong: adamv at mad dot scientist dot com.
The percent after the team score is the chance of winning in regulation based on current second and
either home/away actual score or home/away goal differential.
If team has greater than 50% chance of winning, I mark the game as final so the stats can get up to date.

Adam updates the scores (email errors to adamv at mad dot scientist dot com).

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Dallas 3 St. Louis 0
100.0*Chance in playoffs100.0*Win Stanley Cup100.0*Pres Trophy
Boston 4 Buffalo 1
100.0*Chance in playoffs100.0*Win Stanley Cup100.0*Pres Trophy

Thank you Adam Veenendaal for adding this league.