San Diego Padres Playoff Chances 2014-3

Beating Rockies 5-3 (Bot 7th), playoff odds unchanged at 2.8%
56-62   .475

How are these numbers calculated?

Big Games

How we did yesterday and who we should root for today.   Explain

Tuesday100.0*Chance in playoffs100.0*Average seed
Padres 3 Twins 5 -1.0
Cubs 6 Yankees 1 *-0.1
Cardinals 5 Diamondbacks 0 *-0.1
Wednesday100.0*Chance in playoffs100.0*Average seed
Padres 0 Twins 2 -0.7
Nationals 1 Reds 2 +0.1

* A starred number could be exactly 0 or just really small. The simulation did not run long enough to know.

What If

Chances based on how well the Padres finish out the regular season.   Explain

Games Above .500
Chance Will Make Playoffs


Ye of little faith, already thinking about next year. Here are the big games and what ifs for draft seeds.

Big Games

Tuesday100.0*Lottery seed
Padres 3 Twins 5 +0.6
Wednesday100.0*Lottery seed
Padres 0 Twins 2 +0.6

What If

This isn't your lottery pick because it does not factor in ping pong balls.
It's the final seed that gets you the ping pong balls.
The top 10 seeds are wrong, just ignore them for now.