Eastern Conference Playoff Chances 2012-2013-realign

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Chance Will Make Playoffs

Next year the NHL and its players are discussing a realignment.
The teams would shuffle around to be geographically closer, and the playoff seeding would change.

The current and proposed setups both have 2 conferences, each sending 8 teams to the playoffs.
But for each conference:

Current: 3 divisions, division winners + 5 next best conference wide make the playoffs.
The first round series are between the 1-8, 2-7, 3-6, and 4-5 seeds.
In the second round the best and worst remaining teams play, and the 2 middle teams play.

Proposed: 2 divisions, top 3 from each + 2 next best conference wide make the playoffs.
Each division's 2 and 3 seeds meet the first round.
The 1 seeds play a wildcard, with the best 1 seed (1a) playing the worst wildcard (WCa).
In the second round the 1-WC winner plays the 2-3 winner from the same division as the 1 seed.
Except for the wildcards, each division is having its own mini playoffs.

So, I show the 1, 2, and 3 division seeds below, plus the remaining conference seeds vying for the 2 wildcards.
The 1 seed is broken down to show which wildcard they would play.

I don't like this new world, take me back...

Chance will make playoffsPres TrophyDivision seedConference seed (wildcard race)

We use the real NHL tiebreakers.

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