Sports Club Stats, which I have open
in like seven browser tabs always
-Katie Baker

Welcome. This site sheds light on 3 things:

  • A team’s odds of making the playoffs.
  • How today’s games impact those odds.
  • How well they need to finish the season to have a shot.

Friday’s biggest movers

TeamChance:ChangeBiggest Reason WhyLeague
PachucaCopa Libertadores32.0%+15.5Querétaro 1 - 2 PachucaLiga MX
QuerétaroCopa Libertadores9.3-10.4Querétaro 1 - 2 PachucaLiga MX
TolucaCopa Libertadores23.3-0.7Tijuana 1 - 2 DoradosLiga MX
VeracruzCopa Libertadores19.9-0.6Tijuana 1 - 2 DoradosLiga MX
MoreliaCopa Libertadores19.4-0.6Tijuana 1 - 2 DoradosLiga MX
Pumas UNAMCopa Libertadores16.2-0.6Tijuana 1 - 2 DoradosLiga MX
LeónCopa Libertadores16.6-0.5Tijuana 1 - 2 DoradosLiga MX
PueblaCopa Libertadores16.9-0.5Tijuana 1 - 2 DoradosLiga MX
ChiapasCopa Libertadores11.9-0.4Tijuana 1 - 2 DoradosLiga MX
DoradosCopa Libertadores11.9-0.4Querétaro 1 - 2 PachucaLiga MX
Santos LagunaCopa Libertadores3.1-0.1Tijuana 1 - 2 DoradosLiga MX

Saturday’s biggest games

Total swing: Adds up the "chance in playoffs" swing (difference between best and worst case outcomes) this game has on all teams. (Or chance of winning the title for non-playoff leagues.)

GameTotal swingLeague
AtalantavsCarpi200Serie A
CowboysvsRaiders5:30 PM60NRL
WarriorsvsSharks3:00 PM57NRL
CatsvsLions1:45 PM57AFL
BluesvsKangaroos7:20 PM52AFL
Salt Lake CityvsOrange County9:30 PM51USL PRO